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Children At Play Signs

Post Children At Play Signs to Safeguard Kids

Neighborhoods or subdivisions are only as good as the residents who live in them. When they care about their neighbors, these subdivisions are pleasant and safe to reside in all throughout the year. One way to make these areas safe, especially for the kids, is to display affordable Children At Play Signs or Caution Watch for Children Signs in strategic locations to notify drivers of this fact. The number of fatalities of child pedestrians decreased 49 percent from 2000 and 2009, according to statistics at We think this may be due to the increased use of Street Warning Signage or Slow Down Sign models that alert drivers to the presence of kids playing in the neighborhoods. It just makes sense for you to want to create a safe neighborhood.

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Children At Play Signage Broadcasts Two Messages

The Children At Play Signs typically have ‘Slow’ in front of their message for an immediate alert to drivers to slow down and watch for the kids. However, this is not the only message that these signs broadcast since they also show that all the residents care about their subdivision and that it is not just for the drivers to do as they please. In any neighborhood, it’s fairly often to see children walking on the streets going to and from their destinations or riding their bikes alongside the road as well. In addition, adults may be walking their dogs, chatting with the neighbors or jogging.

Neighborhoods face a challenge at present from outside sources that they must rise above to ensure that they are pleasant and safe places to reside. The ones that succeed are the subdivisions and even apartment complexes that have residents who watch over each other and communicate with law enforcement regularly. This is why our company developed a combination Children At Play and Speed Limit sign. With one of these signs, you notify drivers that they need to obey the local speed limits to drive legally and watch for children at the same time.

Purchase Quality Caution Watch for Children Signs From Our Company

We make all our Street Warning Signage or Slow Down Sign models directed at children from 5052-H38 aluminum sheeting in either .063 gauge or .080 gauge that is pre-treated to comply with the ASTM Designation of B 449. The surface the aluminum is cleaned as well as deoxidized prior to the application powder-free chromate conversion coating. On top of all this, our company uses 3M face-proof inks and reflective sheeting. You also can request the additional protection of 3M’s Protective Overlay Film. All of this adds up to the fact that you receive only quality, durable signs when you order from our company. manufactures all of our Caution Watch for Children Signs here in our California facility. Each one is made to comply with the MUTCD Federal specifications for retro-reflectivity level and quality of materials. In addition, our text includes fonts approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

To back up our fine workmanship and durable materials, we guarantee that our signs will last for a minimum of seven years with 24/7 usage outdoors without fading or deteriorating in other ways. Double the lifespan of your purchase by having us add 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF) to your signboards. This POF provides extra protection against harsh weather, UV exposure, vandalism and fading. It even helps you wash off graffiti easily without abrasive cleaners or pads. Along with all of this, our company pre-drills holes in each of our Street Warning Signage for ease of installation onto any Square or U-Channel Post. A great option along with the purchase of your signs is our anti-vandal hardware which helps prevent the theft of your sign displays.

Browse through our selection of Children At Play Signs or contact us for further information. You will soon know why you should order your signs from our company.

Caution Children At Play Signs - 18X24 - Official Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Children At Play Signs
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SLOW Children Playing Signs - 18x24 - Official Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Children At Play Signs
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SLOW DOWN Warning Signs - 18x12 - Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Slow Down Caution Signs
Price: $24.95
SLOW DOWN Warning Signs - 24x18- Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Slow Down Caution Signs
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