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School Parking Signs

Eliminate Parking Lot Chaos by Posting School Zone Traffic Signs

Schools probably are at the top of the list for locations that have chaotic parking lots. Authorities in charge of these learning establishments must display School Zone Traffic Signs and other School Parking Signage to lessen and even eliminate the confusion in these lots. Parents, who are dropping off or picking up their children at elementary and middle schools, need to navigate through congested parking lots that also have bus traffic and faculty members coming and going. In high school lots, the problem intensifies due to the novice, 16-year-old student drivers added to the mix. With all the drivers jockeying for spaces simultaneously, parking lot signage is crucial to minimize accidents and to safeguard the drivers.

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Utilize School Parking Signage to Broadcast Your Unique Messages

Examples of our parking lot signage here at that are effective for schools are the pick-up and drop-off models. These instruct the parents and other drivers where to stop to drop the children off in the morning as well as pick them up in the afternoon. Posting such signage along with speed limit signage ensures a well-controlled, slow-moving traffic flow with a minimum of congestion and issues. Also, these sign displays help parents leave the campus in a timely manner and students get to their classes on time.

While our stock options for school parking signage will ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers, customized parking signs help convey your messages of control and authority to vice principals, principals, visitors and others. Custom messages on School Zone Traffic Signs include such ones as ‘Carpoolers Only’, which can in turn encourage all who use the lot to practice carpooling to decrease the traffic flow through the school’s parking lot. All drivers benefit from this.

Display School Parking Signage to Control the Speed of Traffic Through the Lot

Often, drivers become impatient navigating through the hectic campus parking lots and need a reminder to travel slow and with caution. This is especially true when there are insufficient School Parking Signs present to help control the speed of vehicles through the parking lot. At times, drivers become aggressive in operating their vehicles and forget that they are in the parking lot of an educational facility with specific speed limit restrictions. Limits on speed in these areas can be as slow as 15 mph in many cases. if you are in charge of an educational facility, be certain to keep your faculty, visitors and students safe from vehicle accidents by alerting drivers with the speed limit warnings and other signage that they are in a school zone. Campus administrators need to place security and safety as a priority since children are among the pedestrians traversing through the parking lots.

Remember to Post School Bus Stop Signage

Along with our effective, popular School Zone Traffic Signs, educational facilities also should post Bus Stop Ahead signs to alert drivers to the fact that school buses will be stopping at these points to pick up or drop off students. Also, other signage is available for use at pedestrian crossings.

All of Our Signs Contain Durable Materials and Workmanship

Our company manufacturers all our School Parking Signs with resilient, rustproof aluminum as their base, which we clean and cover with an adherent, chromate conversion coating that is free of powdery residue. We also apply 3M reflective sheeting to the signs along with 3M fade-proof inks. Due to our efforts, our signboards last for a minimum of seven years without fading at all. If this is not long enough to please you, just request a layer of 3M Protective Overlay Film to be added to your signs. It provides extra protection to such an extent that it can double the lifespan of these signs. Browse through our vast selection of signs on this site or contact us directly to learn additional information or to place an order.