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ADA Decals and Labels

Ensure That Your Building Is ADA Compliant by Displaying Handicap Symbol Window Decals and ISA Stickers

Public businesses and other locations must display proper signage to comply with the rules set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act, or as it is also known as the ADA. Signage models include the standard tactile ones that contain grade-2 Braille and others to ensure that property owners can find the ones that suit their location easily. In addition to any of these models, public businesses and venues must post Wheelchair Accessible Labels, Handicap Symbol Window Decals and the Symbol of Accessibility Labels to be certain that their structures and properties are highly accessible to everyone. ISA Stickers that contain the International Symbol of Accessibility adhere to the windows and are easy to spot by all who approach the buildings. Stickers of this style showcase to your customers or clients that your structure adheres to the regulations of the ADA in order to serve their needs whether or not they have disabilities.

The purpose of the ISA Stickers, Handicap Symbol Window Decals, Symbol of Accessibility Labels, and Wheelchair Accessible Labels are the same, which is to assist non-handicapped and handicapped individuals know that they can safely enter, navigate through and exit your venue or business. While most of these contain the International Symbol of Accessibility, each one serves a vital function. Certain models of the disabled labels, stickers and decals will notate where accessible entrances, exits, restaurant tables, checkout lines and dressing rooms are in buildings for easy use by handicapped customers or clients, and visitors.

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Messages on the Handicap Symbol Window Decals

While the ISA Stickers and other Labels containing the ISA symbol are the most commonly used of all the Handicap Labels, other popular ones that retail establishments and restaurants prefer are window decals that contain the statement “PLEASE RING BELL FOR ASSISTANCE” on them. Our company also has orders for decals, labels and stickers that broadcast the message that “NO PETS ALLOWED” with the additional one of “SERVICE DOGS ARE WELCOME”. Towns, cities, states and federal agencies have been buying our high-quality handicap window stickers, disabled decals and other sign options for around 60 years from our USA, family-owned facilities. Join others in realizing the benefits of using our ADA-approved Symbol of Accessibility Labels, Wheelchair Accessible Decals, ISA Labels or stickers, and handicap window decals by ordering some today for your public business or venue. We take the same great care manufacturing our stickers, decals and labels as we do with our vast assortment of signs. On top of providing numerous stock options, we will customize your order to suit your unique preferences and specifications. With either version, we ship your order as soon as possible.