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ADA Decals and Labels

Bring Your Building Into Compliance With Handicap Decals and ADA Signage

The Americans With Disabilities Act, also known as the ADA, stipulates that all businesses and venues open to the public need to post ADA signage. Signage such as this includes more than just the tactile ADA signage with Braille that is now so familiar to us. Along with this type of signage, public venues and businesses also display handicap decals, disabled window stickers, handicap labels and wheelchair labels to ensure that their buildings and areas are easily accessible to all people. Window decals that contain the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA are visible almost everywhere we go today. Decals such as these notify visitors and customers that your building complies with all the ADA rules and specifications to address their needs, even when they have disabilities. ADA decals are called many things, including handicapped or handicap decals, disabled window stickers, disabled decals and wheelchair labels. Whatever you call these decals, the purpose for them remains the same, namely to help disabled and non-disabled people understand that they will have safe entry into, navigation throughout, and exit from your business or property. While the majority of disabled decals and labels will include the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA, each one of the handicap decals serves an important purpose. Certain handicap decals and labels will point out accessible entryways, exit routes or exits, dressing rooms, tables in restaurants and checkout lines that are designed to serve the needs of handicap visitors and customers.

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Messages on Disabled Window Stickers

While decals containing an International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA are the most popular of the disabled or handicap decals, other common ones that restaurants and stores display include disabled window stickers with the message "WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER ASSISTANCE IF YOU NEED HELP PLEASE ASK US" on them. We also have customers who prefer the window labels or decals we provide that contain the statement "NO PETS ALLOWED" along with another message, such as "SERVICE DOGS ARE WELCOME". For about 60 years, federal agencies, states, cities and towns have been purchasing our quality handicap decals, disabled window stickers and other signage that we make in our family-owned, USA facilities. Today, you also can reap the rewards of our handicap decals or labels, disabled window stickers and other ADA decals for your business or other property that is open to the public. We make these decals and stickers with the same care as we do with the signs that we manufacture. Not only do we offer stock options of theses decals, stickers or labels, but also custom versions where you dictate their message. We ship the custom versions in just a matter of days.