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One Way Signs

MUTCD R3-5 Series Signs are Essential for Traffic Safety

Any driver should know to pay attention to regulatory signage like the R3-5r Right Turn Only Signs if they are pulling out of a shopping center or office building that fronts a multi lane highway. It would be a safety hazard to turn left across two or more traffic lanes that are travel at high speeds. The R3-5 series of road signs is intended to prevent these kinds of traffic accidents. While the right version is most common, the Left Turn Only road Signs would be installed if the traffic flow is a one way street.

So while we may take a Right Turn Only sign for granted, or respond properly without even having to think when we encounter Arrow Traffic signage, historians would point out that the simple idea of designating specific streets and paths of travel as "one way" did not became a common practice on American roadways until as late as the 1950s! (That is probably when the joke we quoted at the beginning started being told).

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MUTCD R6-1 and R6-2 Series One Way Signs

The FHWA MUTCD simply states in Section 2B.40, the ONE WAY (R6-1 or R6-2) sign shall be used to indicate streets or roadways upon which vehicular traffic is allowed to travel in one direction only. The section goes on to in great detail about the many reasons to post the one way sign any given road condition. A One-Way Sign, along with similar Right Turn Only road signs and similar Directional Arrow Signage, is an essential method to control the flow of traffic, whether that traffic is on roads, in parking lots or parking garages, warehouses and industrial facilities. The One Way signage we make at STOP Signs And More, meets all the all specifications in the government’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (M.U.T.C.D.) Our One Way Signs are street-legal, and the signage we make for individuals and businesses are made using the same materials and methods we use when making one way road signs for towns, cities and States. We do offer a modified version for the Right Turn Only road signage as well. Our 24” x 8” One Way Sign is a popular choice for the slower speed parking lots or garages. We manufacture all our Directional Arrow Signage out of high-quality heavy-gauge aluminum, with reflective sheeting and outdoor-rated inks, and we use official Federal Highway Administration fonts. To increase the lifespan of your signage, you can request that we add the 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF). With this film, you can DOUBLE the lifespan of your road signs up to 14 years. Our 3M protective overlay film protects sign faces against fading caused by the sun and other harsh weather conditions. The Protective Film (POF) also helps you to remove graffiti, paint or other markings of vandalism easier without the necessity of abrasive cleaners or devices.

Well-made road signs that meet MUTCD standards and are displayed properly can shield property owners and property managers from legal liability and possible litigation. STOPSignsAndMore fully understands the importance of posting a durable Traffic and Road Sign. We are committed to producing for you the highest quality signage at affordable prices guaranteed to make a great first impression. Browse through our selection below to discover the ones that will best suit your location. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.

R3-4 No U-Turn Symbol Signs - 24x24 - Official MUTCD Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Road Signs
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Reflective R3-2 No Left Turn Symbol Signs -18x18 - Official MUTCD Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Road Signs
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