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Maximum Occupancy Signs

Do You Require Fire Code Signage for Your Building?

Most cities across this country have specific regulations about the load or capacity requirements for municipal and commercial buildings. These Max Occupancy Regulations allow only a certain number of people to occupy these kinds of buildings for safety sake. In cases where fires or other emergencies are a concern, load capacities will state that only a certain number of people can exit the building in a safe, timely way. The law mandates these limits for the sake of the audiences or others who visit the locations for special events or other purposes. Typically, property owners must display Fire Code Signage or Maximum Occupancy Signage to notate the maximum capacity for their building in various strategic locations. As a result, cities and municipalities appoint building inspectors to ensure that the regulations of the International Code Council pertaining to building occupancy limits are followed accurately.

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Post Maximum Occupancy Signs in Any Building Where People Congregate

Since maximum occupancy signage is required by law, you usually will see it in a variety of places, such as office buildings, schools, malls, concert venues and even restaurants. Periodically, government inspectors are sent out to inspect these locations and more to ensure that they are complying with all codes, including the ones for the signs to broadcast maximum occupancy capacity. Maximum Occupancy Signs eliminate a wide assortment of issues that range from deck collapses to fire hazards. Regulations do vary greatly across the county, but typically, the signs are posted in rooms where significant amounts of people congregate. These rooms may be such ones as movie theaters, hotel lobbies or office conference rooms. Max Occupancy Regulations and Fire Code Signage are extremely important in these highly populates areas the signs need to be displayed in such a way that they are visible to all.

Maximum Occupancy Signage Comes With or Without Braille

Our company,, uses only durable materials and highly skilled workmanship to manufacture our maximum occupancy signage in such a way that it adheres to the ADA specifications. Even if you may not be required to do so, it is useful to add grade-2 braille to this capacity signage. Also, we offer a variety of ADA-compliant braille exit signs. We offer our signs in color combinations that include a background of black, brown or blue with white text or you can select to have a white background with black, brown or blue text. Be certain to state correctly the number of occupants that your building or other location will hold safe when placing your order online or on the phone to ensure that your signs will contain the proper facts. Our signage that complies with ADA specifications adheres to all of the sign regulations set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act and will pass all official inspections.

We produce our signs here in our USA plant by utilizing the latest in digital printing techniques to turn out high-quality, easy-to-read ink lettering. Our company also uses finished acrylic that gives an attractive look to the signs and it attaches easily and securely with our mounting tape that comes with each sign. Feel free to contact us directly or to browse through our site to learn additional information about our Maximum Occupancy Signs. With each and every sign order, we provide a guarantee of satisfaction and compliance if applicable.