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Maximum Occupancy Signs

Need Fire Code Occupancy Signs for Your Building?

Throughout the United States, many cities have ordinances requiring business and municipal buildings to have capacity or load requirements. These designations permit a certain amount of people to safely occupy a given space. In some cases, such as fires or other emergency situations load capacities will stipulate that “X” number of persons should be able to exit a building in a timely fashion. These kinds of occupancy designations are often mandated by law for public safety. Generally, property owners are responsible for having proper notice of maximum capacity throughout their property. For this reason, building inspectors are often appointed by local cities and municipalities to ensure that the guidelines outlined by the International Code Council for building occupancy rules are being followed.

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Find a Maximum Occupancy Sign Wherever People Gather

Because they are often required by law, these kinds of maximum occupancy signs are visible almost everywhere; schools, office buildings, restaurants and even malls. Every so often, government inspectors are deployed to examine all these kinds of buildings and offices to make sure they are up to code. Maximum Occupancy Signs not only prevent fire hazards, but can eliminate the threat of emergencies as well, such as the collapse of decks or overhangs, by reducing unnecessary strain on structural integrity. Although regulations vary widely by area, maximum occupancy signs must typically also be mounted in rooms where substantial amounts often gather. These can include areas such as office conference rooms, movie theaters or hotel lobbies. Maximum Occupancy regulations are especially important in these populated rooms and should be posted to be as visible as possible.

Order Maximum Occupancy Signs, With or Without Grade 2 Braille

Here at, we use only high-quality workmanship and materials to manufacture our Maximum Occupancy Signage according to all of the ADA specifications. Though not required, grade 2 braille can be added to capacity signs to enhance their usefulness. ADA-Compliant Exit Braille Signs are also available for purchase. Our signs are available in a wide variety of colors including white text on blue, black or brown background and vice-a-versa. During the process of submitting your order online, be sure to include the correct number of occupants so that the proper information can be included on your sign. Our ADA Compliant signage meets the Americans with Disabilities Act sign regulations and will pass official building inspections.Our signs are produced here in our USA facility and use digital printing technology to produce high quality ink lettering. Each sign is made of finished acrylic for a polished look and adheres with ease using our mounting tape (included). For more information browse through our website or contact us directly to learn further details about our Maximum Occupancy Signage. We issue a guarantee of quality and/or compliance when necessary with all sign orders.