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Maximum Occupancy Signs

Does Your Building Require Fire Code Signage?

Most towns and cities enforce load and capacity regulations for commercial and municipal buildings. In most cases, to comply with the laws, businesses must post maximum occupancy signs and fire code maximum occupancy signage in strategic locations. These maximum occupancy regulations only allow a certain number of persons to occupy any indoor space, building or area according to the safety guidelines set by your state’s local fire codes. In cases where fires may occur, or other emergencies are a concern, load capacities will state what is considered the maximum amount of people that can occupy any space that will allow for safe discharge and exit of any building in a timely manner. Cities and municipalities will appoint building inspectors to ensure that the regulations of the International Code Council pertaining to building occupancy limits are followed accurately.

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Fire Code Maximum Occupancy Signage

Maximum occupancy signs are legally required in most public buildings, including offices, schools, malls, concert venues, and restaurants. Fire code maximum occupancy signage is an important safety feature in any public facility. Too often, businesses neglect to follow the rules and fail to hang maximum occupancy signs. If authorities discover the violation, in best-case scenarios, they hand the violating party a fine; in the worst-case scenarios, there may be fatal consequences. Authorities will sometimes enforce regulations by sending in an inspector for a surprise inspection of your building. If your building isn’t up to code or if you don’t have the proper signage posted, you could be hit with massive fines or possible closure of your business until all violations have been addressed and fix. In these cases, you will lose out on thousands of dollars trying to organize a plan of action to fix these violations and bring your building back up to code. Why go through all of that trouble when you can simply post the proper signage now. Check out our selection below to see which max occupancy signs will work best for your location.

Why Are Maximum Occupancy Signs Important?

Without a max occupancy sign requirement, we’d see many more logistical disasters related to overcrowding. The news would be filled with stories of deck collapses and mass fire tragedies. Rules differ from state to state as to where businesses must post a max occupancy sign. Typically, they’re required in spaces and rooms where people congregate in large numbers, including movie theaters, auditoriums, lobbies, and conference rooms.

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