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Reflectors & Object Markers

Alert Drivers to the Presence of Roadway Obstructions by Posting Reflector Signs and Obstruction Markers

In low-light situations or during the day for that fact, it is crucial to alert drivers on roadways and highways about the placement of obstructions, such as the end of the road or median islands with our MUTCD-approved Reflector Signs, Obstruction Markers or Reflectors & Object Markers. The obstruction or object marking options that we provide will point out any obstructions on the roadway or highway in a clear, precise manner. Object markers and reflectors are warning signs to pedestrians and drivers of the approaching problematic spots on the road or highway.

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The Importance of Using Directional Reflector Signage

With today’s escalating vehicle traffic across this country, we cannot emphasize the significance of posting reflective road-safety signs and markers enough. Hazards on numerous highways and roads can be avoided easily when the right Reflector Signs are present. One popular choice is the Chevron Alignment object marker that contains left or right arrows to notify motorists of approaching changes on the highway or road to help them react safely and avoid issues. The bestselling Obstruction Markers at our company are the ones with alternating retro-reflective yellow and black stripes (OM-3R_MOD, OM-3L_MOD) that slant downward at a 45-degree angle in the direction that ensure that the vehicles pass any obstructions safely. The OM-3C-MOD is another example of these signs that is ideal to help drivers pass on either the left or right side of the obstruction.

Obstructions that are not inside the highway or roadway may be close enough to the edge to require one of the Reflectors & Object Markers. Handrails, bridge abutments, underpass piers, end of traffic barriers, culvert headwalls and utility poles fall into this category. Not all obstructions are physical objects. At times, they are drop-offs, narrow shoulders, small islands, abrupt alignment changes and gores. All of these also require Obstruction Markers.

Purchase Other Safety Gear From Our Company offers a variety of add-on products to go with your present signs along with reflective traffic cones and safety vests that all enhance your efforts with your roadway or traffic signs. Safety reflectors and other pertinent products are effective ways to enhance the visibility of signs for drivers. Traffic signs are of no use at all if the motorists cannot see them during the day and night, and in all types of weather conditions. This type of Reflectors & Object Markers notify drivers of a wide variety of possible road or highway hazards that range from concrete barriers to railroad crossings. Let us not forget to explain that our safety vests come with vivid, vertical reflective stripes and are effective for road construction workers, safety officers and school crossing guards to wear to direct any necessary traffic in the course of their jobs.

Provide an Alert for Additional Caution With Traffic Cones

Another ideal product to help guide drivers is the traffic cones that can be used on the roadways, highways or even in parking lots to cordon off specific areas. Our company carries both 12-inch and 18-inch models. To ensure visibility at nighttime and during inclement weather, our 18-inch can include the 6-inch high-intensity prismatic collar by 3M. Examples for use of these cones to guide motorists in the right direction include a car accident, an obstruction in the road, construction work in progress and for crowd control. Use of reflector signage with all of our other safety gear, and you will make a bold statement of approaching obstructions.

Browse through our lineup of Reflector Signs and other related products to locate which items will fulfill your needs. In the event that our stock options are not adequate, we can customize your order. Contact us for further facts or to place an order.