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Accessibility and Disabled Guide Signs

ADA Wayfinding Signs for Business and Property Managers

If you own and operate a business, then you more than likely already know the importance of keeping in compliance with local, state and federal handicap rules and regulations. Failing to stay compliant with these changing laws can put your business at risk for fines – and a whole lot of bad publicity. There’s no doubt that it would not be good for business to not show proper regard to disabled customers and shoppers.

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Appeal to Disabled Guests by Using ADA Guide Signs

Fortunately for you, is your one-stop-shop for all handicap wayfinding and disabled access signs regardless of which state you do business in and what type of sign you are looking for. More than keeping to the letter of the law, it is in a business’s best interest to show common courtesy and concern for its disabled customers by appropriately posting disabled access signs.

If a person is assisting an individual in a wheelchair, disabled guide signs provide a lot of help to them as well. In addition to following with law, such signage helps individuals in wheelchairs find proper ramps with wide, accessible entrances and exits. This way, a disabled person doesn’t need to waste his or her time circling the building’s exterior looking for the best way inside.

The Best Variety of Handicap Wayfinding Signs

In addition to popular ADA guide signs with directional, such as using an arrow to point to a handicap accessible entrance, other handicap assistance signs are also available. Such signs can notify disabled customers where they can go to seek additional help or let them know to “ring the bell for service.” Other popular handicapped guide signs include bathroom or restroom signs, passenger loading zones, or signs letting them know that this checkout area is for disabled customers.

Property and business managers know the importance of safe and secure building exits and entrance ways for all passersby and guests, including those with disabilities. Making disabled guests and their escorts feel welcome is part of the overall visitor experience, and posting the proper ADA wayfinding signs and disabled guide signs are a great way to do just that.