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Security STOP Signs

Security Stop Signs Provide Additional Protection for Buildings

Certain companies and buildings require higher security measures than most others do, requiring the assistance of security signage to deter unwanted trespassers from approaching their property. These companies may contain expensive merchandise or sensitive materials that should not be accessible by the general public. Our bright red Reflective Security STOP signs are designed for maximum visibility and are the perfect solution to prevent unwanted trespassers from entering into your property. In addition, the employees in a particular area of the establishment may need special safeguards put into place to ensure their safety. Posting Security Stop Signs is one effective way of providing extra security for your building and property.

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Make a Bold Statement

Make a bold, clear statement with inexpensive Stop Signs in the shape of the typical stop sign you see on street corners by posting them wherever necessary throughout your building. Signs such as STOP Employees Only Beyond This Point explain that non-employees should not proceed beyond that point. The red background and the octagon shape of the signs scream the word STOP in people's minds, even before they read all the words. People learn what STOP signs are at a young age to where it is ingrained in them to halt their actions when they first see a similar sign such as the STOP signs used for security purposes. We provide a varied selection of custom designs in this type of sign.

When you are an owner of a building under construction, the employee-only type of stop signs could keep people safe from possible harm. Employees also may need special permission to work in these areas, and this is yet another reason for posting such signs. You could design your own signs in this case to say STOP Only Authorized Personnel Beyond This Point. Along with protecting your visitors and employees, these signs can prevent lawsuits from injured parties. If a person wanders into an area that is only for construction workers without a hard hat or other protective gear and suffers an injury, the "Employees Only" Security STOP Signs exhibit to the court your business did its best to warn unauthorized individuals that they should not enter that area.

Prevent Trespassing With Private-Property Themed STOP Signs

You can prevent trespassing on your property, both inside and outside your building or even your house with our private-property themed Security STOP Signs. An example of these signs is the sign with "STOP PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING" in large letters with "VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED" in small letters. When you have armed personnel protecting your private property, we offer a sign with the image of a gun on it that says, "PROTECTED BY ARMED SECURITY" that sends a clear message to all who read it.

Custom Order Unique Signs

If you prefer your own unique design on the STOP signs for security purposes, we can oblige you whether you just want us to add a company logo to one of our stock messages, or place a specific image and message of your own liking to the sign. We will provide you a quote of your custom order before you finalize your order. Please browse all of our signs on this page for further ideas of what we provide our customers in Security STOP Signs.