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Security STOP Signs

Security STOP Signs Offer Extra Protection for Buildings

Companies that have more stringent security needs than other ones do should post security signage to deter intruders from entering their property. They may carry sensitive materials that the general public should not have access to or valuable merchandise that is coveted by criminals. The STOP No Trespassing Signs and Video Surveillance Signage from our company,, are made to provide optimal visibility and are highly effective at preventing trespassers from accessing your property. On top of this, the employees in certain areas of these businesses might require effective safeguards to guarantee their safety. Displaying our Security STOP Signs is an efficient, clear way of offering enhanced security to your business building and surrounding property.

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You Will Make a Clear, Precise Statement

By posting inexpensive STOP signs, which are in the same shape of the ones that you find on street corners, you will make a clear and precise message at strategic locations throughout your structure. Signage that states the message of ‘STOP Employees Only Beyond This Point’ notifies all that only authorized personnel is permitted to enter certain areas of the building. The octagon shape along with the red background loudly broadcasts the word STOP to all who view these signs even before they read the text. All of us learn the meaning of STOP signs when we are kids, so it is natural for people to cease their actions at the first glimpse of Security STOP Signs. Our company offers stock selections as well as custom ones for your consideration.

If you own an under-construction building, posting the employee-only STOP signage is an effective way to keep pedestrians from harm. Workers also might require special permission to enter different parts of your building to perform their jobs. Both of these are viable examples for posting the signs of which we speak. You can design unique signage options for this purpose that state ‘STOP Only Authorized Employees Beyond This Point’ to place in your building where necessary. In addition to protecting your employees and visitors, your company can avoid lawsuits from injuries by posting these signs. If an individual enters a site or area that is meant only for construction workers without wearing protective gear, such as a hard hat, and becomes injured, the security STOP signage options with ‘Employees Only’ messages will protect you from lawsuits since you warn people ahead of time that unauthorized people are prohibited from that site or area.

Display Other STOP Sign Models to Prevent Trespassing on Private Property

You can keep people from trespassing on your property and building or even your home by posting STOP No Trespassing Signs and/or Video Surveillance Signage when relevant. An example of the first type of sign is ‘STOP NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY’ in easy-to-read, highly visible text with ‘VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED’ in smaller text. If you have a CCTV security system the latter signage applies with a message, such as ‘NOTICE SECURITY CAMERAS IN USE’, sends a warning to all who enter your property that their actions are being watched.

Custom Order Unique Signs

While our stock options may suit most people, you may prefer to design your own unique Security STOP Signs, and you can do so with our company. You can place your company logo on our stock signage options or you can choose your own message and image for your signs. Our company will issue you a quote upon request once we have your specifications and preferences. Only after you agree with the quote, will we process your order. Feel free to browse through our wide assortment of STOP signs for security purposes for further information about what we offer. Each order is shipped as soon as possible, but custom orders require a bit more time to process.