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Property owners can have a confusing time bringing their buildings and property into compliance with the regulations stipulated in the Americans with Disability Act or more well-known as the ADA. These regulations dictate that you need to post various signs throughout your building in strategic locations in order to offer clear, safe access for those with disabilities. While you do not need to be an expert on all these regulations, you should understand the importance of posting these signs to keep from having issues, such as lawsuits, delays in your business opening or expensive fines that can deplete your profits. To ensure that you install the right signage, you can turn to an ADA specialist for advice on what is necessary to pass a CASP inspection. Also, come to our company,, to purchase quality Custom ADA Compliant Braille Signage to fulfill your needs in a special way. This type of signage includes Custom ADA Handicap Signs, Custom Braille Signs and Customized Tactile and Braille Signs.

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Information About the ADA Sign Regulations

Even though you can order Customized Tactile and Braille Signs and other Custom ADA Compliant Signage options from us for various parts of your building, they still must adhere to specific regulations, such as the ones listed below:

  • Text - The ADA states that the minimum specification of the depth for any tactile text on standard and Custom ADA Signs is .08 mm or 1/32 inch. Also, the character height is calculated vertically from the base of all characters, and it should be a minimum of 15.9 mm or 5/8 inch and a maximum of 51 mm or two inches based on what the height is for the capital ā€œIā€. Along with these regulations, the ADA mandates that only San Serif font and capital letters are permitted for the text. This is a brief overview, as there are other in-depth specifications as well.

  • Braille - People who are blind or visually impaired in other ways have Louis Braille to thank for the invention of the Braille that allows them to read text in various items, including the Custom Braille Signs and the Customized Tactile and Braille Signs. This invention came out of his own need since he was blind for the majority of his life. While there are different types of Braille in use today, the ADA specifies that the grade-two style should be used for all ADA Handicap signs that contain this tactile reading and writing method in order for you to pass a CASP inspection.

  • Pictograms - These sign elements of non-text symbols to help broadcast a message. One of the most well-known pictograms for ADA Handicap signage is the International Symbol of Accessibility or the ISA. It depicts a person sitting in a wheelchair, and it can go on regular and Braille versions of standard and Custom ADA Compliant Signage. Certain ADA Handicap signs are fine with just pictograms while other versions must contain both the tactile text and Braille to comply with the regulations for their specific placement. In addition, ADA regulations state that the minimum requirement for compliant signs with just the ISA on them without Braille or text is six inches x six inches.

  • Pictogram Field - The pictograms contain a symbol on a background or field. The above dimensions for the ISA or other pictograms refer to this field and not the pictogram, which can be smaller. However, when text is included with the pictograms, it must set below them outside of the field.

You Can Rely on Our Company for High-Quality Custom ADA Signage to Bring Your Property Into Compliance for CASP inspections

Custom Braille Signs and other custom ADA Handicap Signage from our company is of superior quality and is made right here in America at our California location. We allow you to personalize your signs while making sure that they also adhere to all ADA specifications to ensure that you pass CASP inspections. If you require signs immediately, though, you may need to select our stock options since it takes us up to seven days to ship our customized ones. This time frame beats many of our competitors due to the fact that they need six to eight weeks to ship their Custom ADA Handicap Signs. Consider our stock options below to form ideas on how you need to customize your signs, and then, contact us to place your order.