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U-Channel Sign Posts

Remember to Order a U-Channel Sign Post to Go with Your Signs

Whatever signs you choose to post outside your building property or parking lot, you must also properly install the signs so that drivers, passersby, and all property visitors can best see them. By far, the most popular way to install a sign is to use a u-channel sign post. These are the traffic sign posts you see all the time but just never knew were called u-channel sign posts.

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Do Not Forget to Add a U Channel Sign Post for Each Sign Your Order From Us

When you order signs for your business property or structure from StopSignsAndMore, also be sure to order the right posts and hardware to install the signs properly for all to read as they pass by them. The u channel sign posts are the most popular method of installing our signs today. These are similar to those on traffic signs, but you probably did not know the name of these galvanized or green metal sign posts. .

Why Are U Channel Sign Posts the Popular Choice?

The reason these galvanized metal or green sign posts are so popular is their affordability and ease of use in installations. You will need to follow a certain process, but only basic hardware and tools are necessary to complete the task. Most people prefer the 8-foot u channel sign posts, but you also can select the 6-foot version if your location requires it. The height you select depends on whether you need drivers or pedestrians to read the signs. An 8-foot pole makes the sign easier for drivers to spot as they approach it.

You Bury a Portion of the Signpost in the Ground

Remember that you need to bury 12 to 18 inches of the signpost in the ground depending on the type of soil you have when you buy any galvanized or green sign posts. One point worth mentioning here is that you will need to bury the post deeper in sandy soil than you will in clay soil. For a sign to stand 5 feet high, you will need a 6-foot post, but if you want the sign higher than 5 feet in the air, you will need the 8-foot option. Just measure the distance on the pole to figure how much you will need to bury in the ground.

After you select where you will install your u-channel sign post, you will need to utilize a post-driver tool, which is a cylindrical tool with handles. You place the cylinder over the post and bang it up and down to drive the galvanized or green metal sign posts far enough in the ground. We sell a medium-duty and a heavy-duty version of this tool for your convenience.

Buy Sign-Mounting Hardware

You need to use at least regular, sign-mounting hardware to attach your signs to your choice of galvanized or green sign posts. Select the anti-vandal hardware, though, to ensure the sign is next to impossible to remove. An investment such as this only costs a few additional dollars per sign. Other available hardware includes aluminum drive rivets for attaching the signs and two types of drive caps to protect the posts during installation.
The u-channel posts come in galvanized and green metal post varieties, both of which stand up in a number of weather conditions ranging from wind to sleet. Posts such as these resist rust and have a lifespan of at least 7 years if not longer. Mount your signs from StopSignsAndMore properly to ensure the best results.