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U-Channel Sign Posts

Mount Your Signs With Our U-Channel Sign Posts

Along with selecting the right signs to display in your parking lot or other exterior areas of your property, you must choose durable green metal or Metal Galvanized Posts, or Metal Sign Stakes to install them on securely in order for pedestrians, drivers, customers or clients, patients or visitors to clearly see their message. Of these posts and stakes, the U-Channel Sign Posts seem to be the favorite. Even local and federal agencies choose them for mounting traffic signs along the roadways.

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Why Are the U-Channel Signage Posts so Popular?

One reason that these posts are highly popular is that they are FHWA Compliant Posts. Other reasons for this popularity are that the U-channel posts are easy to install and reasonably priced. While there is a specific process to follow during installation, only basic tools and hardware are necessary to perform this task successfully. The majority of property owners choose the 8-foot version of the U-Channel Sign Posts over the 6-foot version, but either one is suitable depending upon your specific location. Select the height of these posts according to whether pedestrians or drivers will be reading the signage on them. Drivers will have an easier time viewing the signs as they approach them when they are on the taller U-Channel Sign Posts. On the other hand, the 6-foot ones will place the signs closer to eye level for pedestrians than the 8-foot ones will.

Installation Information for the Green Metal or Metal Galvanized Sign Posts

To install the posts securely, you must place them 12 to 18 inches below the surface of the ground. Clay soil does not require as deep of a depth as sandy soil does, so you will need to judge your depth requirements for installation by your specific type of soil. This burying depth will have a bearing on the length of green metal or Metal Galvanized Posts that you order along with the height that your signs need to be at for your purposes. In order to push the post deep enough into the ground, you will need to use a driver tool that is specially designed for this task. It is a cylindrical apparatus that has a handle on each side, and the post fits into the cylinder. Then, you move it up and down to bang the FHWA Compliant Posts to the desired depth.

You Will Require Mounting Hardware to Attach the Signs to the Posts

On top of the U-Channel Sign Posts, you will require the right mounting hardware to attach the signs securely to the posts. While standard versions of this hardware exist, the anti-vandal version makes it impossible to remove the signs. The latter will cost a tad more but will be well worth the additional funds. Aluminum drive rivets and two kinds of drive caps are other available hardware that you will require. You use the caps to protect the galvanized or green sign posts during installation. By the way, either post version holds up well for at least seven years in all types of weather.

Turn to Our Company for Your Signs, U-Channel Sign Posts and Mounting Hardware

Be certain to come to not only for your any of your signs but also for your mounting hardware and Metal Sign Stakes, green metal posts, Metal Galvanized Posts or FHWA Compliant Posts to install them correctly. On top of these products, we sell the driver tool in both a medium-duty model and a heavy-duty one, so that you can include everything that you require in a single order. We ship each order as soon as possible.