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Do Not Enter Signs

Post Do Not Enter Signs to Restrict Access to Your Property

Many times, there are special restrictions placed on where drivers may go in order to control traffic in parking lots along with certain areas of the highways and streets. One action that accomplishes this control effectively and lowers the risk of collisions is the installation of Do Not Enter messages at specific locations to direct the flow of traffic safely. These displays keep people from driving into oncoming traffic in all sorts of places, including exit routes, one-way streets and highways or from driving into restricted areas. manufactures all our versions of this type of signage to comply with the regulations set forth in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control or the MUTCD. This manual provides the exact specifications for street and road signs for federal and state use throughout this country. In addition to our traffic signs that state ‘Do Not Enter’, we offer other sign options, such as One Way Signage, and Entrance and Exit Signage. You not only control the flow of traffic effectively, but you also increase the safety for all drivers when you display our road signs to restrict access to specific areas of the streets, roads or parking lot entrances and exits.

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Our Company Offers a Wide Variety of Sign Styles

We provide numerous styles of shapes and sizes that are suitable for a wide assortment of purposes. Along with our options for Do Not Enter, our company also offers sign displays that restrict right and left turns, prohibit U-turns and point out one-way streets with One Way Signage. You can order pictogram models with images of truck icons, pedestrian symbols and turn arrows that also contain a symbol of a red circle with a backslash through it to notate an unpermitted action.

On top of the options for sign messages to deny entry to drivers to a specific area, our company offers non-regulation road signage for use on private property, by HOAs or in subdivisions. A few examples of these signboards are PRIVATE DRIVEWAY, NO THRU TRAFFIC and PRIVATE ROAD NO TRESPASSING. Property managers and business owners often post road signs to notify the public to keep certain restricted areas free of traffic or to alert unauthorized persons not to enter certain parts of their parking lots or buildings.

We suggest that you post our TRUCK ROUTE signage along with our sign products that prohibit entry when you need to instruct truck drivers to follow a designated route. offers numerous options in these signs that include ones that contain no directional arrows along with certain models that do contain directional arrows that point right, left or straight ahead. In addition to these, we provide the W1-4 reverse curve warning signage and W1-5 winding road warning signage that instruct drivers to reduce their speed or to perform another action for safe, efficient travel in a specific area. These types of warning signs call attention to the tricky conditions on a private road, highway or street that road users may not be able to see until they are in the immediate area.

Display Your Signage on Portable Posts and Stands

You can turn to our company for a wide array of cast-iron movable sign posts, A-frame holders and other portable sign posts to help you display your signage in a convenient fashion. Browse through all our choices to find one that suits your specific purpose the best. If the need arises, know that we also offer different sizes of traffic cones to help cordon off specific parking areas or to guide vehicular traffic in certain directions temporarily. For use during the night, we provide 18-inch traffic cones that contain a High Intensity Prismatic collar from 3M for reflective purposes. also manufactures reflective warning signs in both yellow and red to point out areas that need extra visibility in the dark to safeguard the drivers who traverse through them.

Our Company Manufactures Only Top-Quality, Durable Signs

We make all of our Do Not Enter, One Ways, Entrance and Exit Signs as well as the majority of our other signage using sturdy aluminum, reflective sheeting and fade-proof inks. For this reason, our traffic signs last for a minimum of seven years, but you can increase this twofold by requesting the addition of 3M’s Protective Overlay Film or POF for a fee. This POF provides the signs with extra protection from paint, permanent markers, stickers and other acts of vandalism since it helps you remove all evidence without the use of abrasives or harsh chemicals. Another benefits of turning to our company for your signage needs is the fact that you can custom order signs to broadcast your own unique messages in non-MUTCD regulated situations. Contact us to place an order or to receive further facts about our products or company.