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Custom Paddle Signs

Custom Hand Held Signs for Traffic Control and Safe Building Evacuation

Does your business, school or organization host a number of large events throughout the year? Whether it is a school open house, a recruitment fair, an invite-only gala, annual sales event or other big-attendance affair, as general manager or building owner, it is important to think about how these guests will navigate the parking structure for everyone’s safety.

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Guide the Flow of Parking Lot Traffic and Crowds with Customized Paddle Signs

That’s why custom paddle signs can help steer everyone through a crowded parking lot or building pathway, enabling everyone can get them to where they need to go with as little confusion as possible. If you want a lot of people to come to your open house or your party of the year, it is a good idea to make sure you can accommodate their arrival. Having a host holding custom paddle signage can ensure smooth guest navigation. Moreover, it can save the embarrassment of someone having to ask where to go or where to park.

Improve Building Occupancy Safety with Custom Hand Held Signs

Even if your business or organization doesn’t host such events very often, paddle signs are invaluable additions to your building’s safety evacuation plans. Depending on the state and city where your building is located, many large, multi-story buildings are required by law to have a fire or emergency evacuation plan posted.

Customized Paddle Sign Helps Occupants Safely Exit Building

A property owner or assigned building evacuation guide is better able to do their job while holding a customized paddle sign as it helps them communicate more effectively and clearly. The paddle sign helps give the guide more authority to lead others out of the building. In addition, building occupants who can’t hear the person leading the way out of the building may still be able to see the paddle sign, which can be quite helpful. Making such signs particularly helpful to those with disabilities.

Such custom paddle signs are comprised of lightweight yet durable aluminum materials are rust-proof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each custom paddle sign is constructed with 12-Inch wood handles that are easy to hold. The sign itself is bolted to the handle once on each side so it is secure. You can choose octagon, square or circle-shaped signs as well as add your own logo, graphics and fonts to the sign.