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Construction Site Security Signs

Display Construction Site Security Signs to Prevent Criminal Activity From Occurring at Your Construction Areas

Keeping project sites secure and free of intruders is a major concern for the construction industry at present. Theft at these sites costs this industry billions of dollars annually. You have multiple choices in security measures that you can enact today to safeguard your job site locations that can range from using alarm systems to warning signage. It is the latter one that we will be discussing in this information. By displaying Construction Site Security Signs, you alert would-be intruders that your construction project is under video surveillance or guarded by security personnel around the clock. Installing 24 Hour Video Surveillance Signage, Guard on Duty Sign options, Security Camera Sign models, Active Patrol Signage or any combination of them protects your job sites efficiently.

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The Different Styles of Construction Site Security Signs That We Offer

Active Security Patrol Signs: At times, construction contractors employ security guards to watch over their project sites to keep them free from intruders. When you choose to go this route, it is advisable to post the appropriate signage stating this fact to reinforce your efforts with live guards. Since the patrol guards cannot be everywhere at your location at any one given time, having our Security Guard on Duty Sign options on display will double the effectiveness in deterring intruders.

24 Hour Video Surveillance Signage: Another effective way to protect a construction project is by using video surveillance. Just the sight of video cameras in various locations on your site can deter intruders, but for optimal results, you should also post signs that state that there is video surveillance 24 hours a day. Installing these signs are highly affordable and easy to fit into your operating budget. Would-be intruders will not want to be captured on video since it can be used in court to convict them of their illegal acts, such as theft or vandalism.

CCTV Security Camera Sign Options: Along with the video surveillance system that you install, you may consider closed-circuit television or as it is commonly called CCTV. This addition typically comes with professional monitoring upon request. To alert people to its presence, you should post CCTV security camera signage. The combination of the signs with the CCTV system is highly effective in deterring crime at your construction project. A system such as this is compatible with all other security measures, including alarm systems if you have them. Makes Our Signage Options With High-End Materials While Using The Latest Techniques in Manufacturing

Our company manufactures the above security signage models with heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum and 3M reflective sheeting. The fonts we use are federally approved ones, and we use 3M fade-resistant inks to apply them to our signage options. As a result of these durable materials, our signs last for at least seven years without any noticeable fading. Also, we pre-drill holes in these signs at the top and bottom, so they are easy for you to install.

We fully comprehend the importance of displaying durable Construction Job Site Security Signs at your project site in a budget-friendly way. For this reason, we produce the best possible signage options and sell them at reasonable prices. We want you to be able to protect your property efficiently with our help. Browse through the below sign assortment to find the model that will suit your specific needs. You can order online or contact us directly if you prefer, need answers to your questions or wish to customize your signs.