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Beware of Dog Signs

Post Beware of Dog Signs on Your Property to Alert All Who Approach It

When your choice of protection for your commercial or residential property is a dog, you need to post ‘Beware of Dog’ signage in strategic locations throughout it. Not only will this alert all visitors, relatives or business associates to the canine’s presence on the premises, but this signage also deters intruders from entering your property to perform illegal acts. On top of this, this signage prevents lawsuits being filed against you when your guard hound attacks someone who enters your property. The person cannot claim that he or she did not know about the hound’s presence on the property. One effective type of these signs simply states ‘Guard Dog on Duty’ without any pictograms, but other versions also are available.

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Choose From Other Signs to Alert Intruders, Visitors and Others of a Dog’s Presence

A basic ‘Beware of Dog’ sign provides individual sufficient warning that a hound is protecting and watching over the premises. Most people who have legitimate reasons to enter your property will call ahead of time when they know a guard dog is on duty. They will be thankful that you care enough to warn them of your canine’s presence. One choice of a ‘Dog on Premises Sign’ might also include the statement of ‘NO TRESSPASSING’ along with a picture of a barking or growling hound. For a gentler message, you can choose the same text statements but with a picture of a small, non-threatening pooch on it. Another version of this signage contains a yellow background with just the statement ‘Beware of Dog’ on it without any pictures.

A ‘Dog on Premises Sign’ is an Effective at Scaring off Intruders

Research shows that the presence of a guard animal on your property will deter intruders from coming onto the premises. Most vandals and burglars will seek out other properties to perform their crimes on once they spot signage warning them of a hound guarding the premises, whether or not the signage contains images of a dog. After all, the would-be intruders do not know the size of your pooch just by your signage. They cannot see by the sign whether you own an intimating German Shepard or just a hyper Chihuahua. Typically, intruders want a fast entry to perform their unsavory deeds and an even faster exit in order not to alarm the property owners to their presence and are unable to do either when a canine is standing guard on the property. You might wish to post the intimidating message of the ‘Guard Dog on Duty’ sign or the simpler one of ‘Dog on Premises Sign’ as an alert to visitors, intruders and others who want to enter your property.

Post the Correct Signs to Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits

When you do not post the right alert signs about a canine guarding your property, people who get attacked have the right to file a lawsuit against you. However, if you display the warning signs that state clearly that there is a dog guarding the premises in one manner or another, these people cannot state in court that they were unaware of the animal. The court will typically not award damages to people under these conditions. Check with your local law enforcement agency to learn the regulations governing these signs in your area if there are any at all. Offers a Wide Assortment of Dog Signage

Regardless of the style of signage that you prefer, STOPSignsAndMore fully understands the importance of posting a durable Warning Sign with the right sign design you are looking for. We make the ‘beware of’, ‘Guard Dog on Duty’ and the ‘canine is on the premises’ styles along with other ones, such as ‘NO PETS ALLOWED or ‘SERVICE DOGS ARE WELCOME’. The latter one also contains a silhouette image of a dog standing next to a wheelchair with a person sitting in it.

We are committed to producing for you the highest quality signage at affordable prices guaranteed to make a great first impression. Please contact us to order or to discuss your needs with us at your earliest convenience. Browse through our selection below to discover the ones that will best suit your location. Also, we will customize your signs if our stock options are not adequate for your purposes.

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