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Beware of Dog Signs

Display Beware of Dog Signs to Alert Visitors and Intruders

If you decide to use a dog to protect your residential or commercial property, you also should display "Beware of Dog Signs" throughout the property. The first reason for this is the fact that you need to alert visitors to the dog's presence, but the more important reason is that these signs will scare off the majority of the unsavory people that are out to harm you or your property. In addition, by posting these signs, you safeguard against possible lawsuits if your dog attacks a visitor or intruder on your property. One popular style of these signs simply says, "BEWARE OF DOG" without any images, but our company also offers other styles.

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Select Other Signage to Inform Visitors and Intruders of the Presence of a Dog

A simple "Guard Dog on Duty" sign will provide people a choice whether or not to enter your property. When they have a fear of dogs, the majority of people will call before entering your property. They will appreciate the fact of you warning them of the dog's presence. One style of a "Guard Dog on Duty" Sign states not only this statement, but also contains "NO TRESPASSING" and a picture of a barking dog. For a softer approach, you can select a sign with a cute, small dog with the same message. You also can select one sign with black lettering on a yellow background that just contains the words "BEWARE OF DOG" on it without images.

Beware of Dog Signs Are Effective at Deterring Unwanted Guests From Entering Your Property

Statistics prove that a dog's presence will deter unwanted guests from entering your property. The majority of thieves and vandals will turn elsewhere to perpetrate their crimes when they catch a glimpse of the "Guard Dog on Duty" signs with a silhouette of a dog on them. Another reason for the signs being a success is that the intruders will not know the size of your dog or its temperament just by reading the signs. You may have yappy Chihuahua or a strong, well-trained German Shepherd. Criminals, for the most part, wish to enter, perpetrate their crime and leave quickly without dealing with a canine in the process. You may decide that there is a need for a stronger approach with a "Guard Dog on Duty" Sign or the "Beware of Dog" Signs to broadcast your alert to those who wish to enter your property.

Display the Right Signage for Protection From Lawsuits

People have the grounds to file lawsuits when a dog harms them when they do not have prior notice of the animal's presence. When you post the proper "Guard Dog on Duty" or other signage to make them aware of the dog, they will not be able to state in court that they were unaware of the animal. As a result, the court will be less likely to award damages to a person if he or she decides to file a lawsuit against you. Today, the majority of states in this country have certain laws that dictate the manner in which you must restrain your dog, so on top of the displaying the appropriate signage you must understand the laws for your location.

We Provide Other Styles of Dog Signs

On top of the "Beware of Dog" Signs, we provide other types of dog signs for display on your property. One that we offer has a dog's image inside of a circle that also contains a line through it diagonally, and this sign alerts people visually to the fact that you do not allow dogs on your property. If you have a business, you may decide to display a "NO PETS ALLOWED" sign along with the message "SERVICE DOGS ARE WELCOME!" that also contains the image of a person sitting in a wheelchair with a silhouette of a dog standing next to this image. Turn to our company to order high-quality signage such as "Beware of Dog" Signs or the "Guard Dog on Duty" Sign. constructs all our signs from rustproof, heavy-gauge aluminum that is extremely durable. The special inks we use ensure that the signs will last at least 7 years without any fading. Call today to speak to our staff at 888-931-1793.