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Beware of Dog Signs

Legally Protect Yourself with Beware of Dog Signs

Did you know that "beware of dog" signs may indemnify guard dog owners who are slapped with attack lawsuits? In fact, in some jurisdictions, guard dog on duty signs are mandatory for residential and commercial properties that use protection hounds.

Posting signage alerts legitimate visitors of canines and deters unwelcome intruders. Moreover, if your guard dogs injure trespassers and they sue, conspicuously posted beware of dog signs could nullify the lawsuit.

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Other Types of Dog Signage: From Forceful to Funny

There's more than one way to do dog signage. Some people prefer classic beware of dog signs. They're simple, direct, and near-universally understood. Other folks opt for something more forceful, like a sign emblazoned with NO TRESPASSING that includes a pictogram of a snarling pit bull. Alternatively, you can customize guard dog on duty signs with pictures of poodles or papillons for a little humor.

The Power of Dog on Premises Signs

Burglars and intruders aren't looking to make things difficult for themselves. Ideally, they target the easiest marks, and studies show that posting home security signage on windows and lawns discourages robbers. The same applies to dog on premises signs. After all, nobody wants to deal with barking and biting hounds — especially ne'er-do wells on the take!

Even if you have a docile pup who'd likely hide under the bed under threat of intrusion, signage still works because most people picture vicious guard dogs when they see dog warning signs.

No Dogs Allowed Sign: For Canine-Free Spaces

Some spaces aren't canine-friendly. Sometimes it's a matter of safety, and other times it's a matter of circumstance. For example, nobody wants to deal with vocal dogs while studying in a library.

That's where a no dogs allowed sign comes in handy. Like beware of dog signage, canine prohibition signs may also help in lawsuits. For example, if someone brings their pup into a no-dog space and the dog gets hurt, the owner may sue. However, judges and juries are likely to toss such cases if the defendants can prove that they posted warning signs around the area. The Place for Dog Signage and More

If you need guard dog on duty signs, other animal signage, or home security signage, STOPSignsAndMore can make it happen! Our team has created countless signs for homes, workplaces, restaurants, parks, and residential buildings. Whether you want a standard option or a custom one, we have the tools and experience to get it done right.