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ADA Restroom Signs

ADA Bathrooms Signs Clearly Point the Way

Regulations set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA make discrimination of handicapped individuals against the law. When you are a property manager or owner who has employees, residents, customers or visitors entering your property, you must follow this act's regulations for signs to prevent fines and possible lawsuits for failure to adhere to the ADA rules. Selecting the right ADA Bathroom Signs can be a bit confusing at times. Most states across this country require one of the ADA approved restroom signs next to the restroom door on top of another one on the door. Each sign has to meet certain specifications. The Bathroom Signs that you attach to the wall require Braille on them. The signs on the doors must not contain Braille, though, as it would be dangerous for a vision-impaired person to stand right in front of the door to read the Braille message on the signage in case someone opens the door during the process. California has its own Title 24 regulations in addition to the ADA regulations, so make sure if you are in this state that you understand all the rules and specifications.

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We Offer a Wide Assortment of ADA Restroom Signs With and Without Braille manufactures and sells a vast assortment of quality ADA Bathroom Signs that contain tactile symbols and text with or without Grade 2 Braille depending upon the location in which you need to install the signs. With our signs, you can be confident of passing all inspections on your property without a delay since we construct all our Restroom Signs according to ADA specifications. We even make signs that meet the standards of both California Title 24 and the ADA. You can select from our stock of ADA Bathroom Signs that we can usually ship the same day of your order. In addition, we take custom orders for your Restroom Signs to fit your company's or organization's needs. You can select from a number of different standard color options or ones that match your existing color theme. Custom signage takes up to seven business days to ship. Whether you require ADA approved Bathroom Signs for unisex, women's or men's bathrooms, our stock and custom, ADA Restroom signage offerings effectively perform the task.

Our ADA Bathroom Signs are Ideal for All Sorts of Establishments

Exhibiting the proper ADA Bathroom Signs that fit the appropriate regulations for your state will help guide all who enter into your property to the correct bathrooms. Remember, the Title 24 signage is only a California requirement. Property owners or those renting the buildings often are unaware of the ADA regulations in their area until a person files a lawsuit against them, so do not fall into this trap. Most properties that provide access to the public even with just employees must adhere to the ADA regulations. Work with a local, certified, ADA inspector or consultant to ensure your property is in compliance with not only the ADA Restroom Signs, but also other required signage.

Appropriate ADA Signs for School Bathrooms

Our company also offers a wide selection ADA Bathroom Signs along with ones that are compliant with Title 24 for display in schools in California and across the country. Popular choices in this category are the signs that contain pictograms of girls or boys. Just as with our other signage, you can select from stock styles or custom order your own designs. You can even order the signs with vandal-resistant hardware and predrilled holes. Our company also manufactures sub-surface painted, Restroom Signs that meet ADA requirements. This style of sign is non-Braille, and contains text and images underneath the top layer of the signage, which creates tamper-resistant, Restroom Signs for display on the doors.

Purchase Only Durable, ADA Restroom Signs

You should purchase only durable, ADA approved Bathroom Signs for your property. With our tactile guide signs with or without Braille, you will receive signs that we build to last for at least seven years. In addition, you will be supporting workers in your own country since we manufacture all of our signs in the United States. Order your ADA approved Bathroom Signs or other signage offerings on this page today either by contacting us at 1-888-931-1793 or through our website.