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ADA Restroom Signs

ADA Restroom Signs Help All Individuals Find Their Way Easily

Regulations set forth in the Americans with Disability Act or ADA mandate that it is illegal to discriminate against disabled or handicapped individuals. When you own property that employs workers and/or is open to the public, you must comply with this act’s rules about signage to avoid the risk of fines and lawsuits. Most of the states require that Tactile and Braille Restroom Signage be posted next to the bathroom door with a non-Braille version of the ADA Compliant Restroom Signs installed on the restroom door. Any of the Restroom Signage should be made according to the specifications of the above act to ensure your building fully complies with the ADA’s regulations. An example of this is the wall sign that needs to contain Braille with its text and/or pictogram. On the other hand, the door signage must never include Braille on it due to the fact that it would be dangerous for a visually impaired person to touch Braille to read it on the door since someone could open the door at the same time. Also, if you own property in California that needs these signs, you must keep in mind that California enacted its own Title 24 regulations along with the rules set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act, so you will need to comply with these unique stipulations as well to protect yourself from fines and lawsuits.

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Our Company Manufactures a Vast Array of ADA Restroom Signage

Here at, we manufacture various styles of ADA Restroom Signs that are suitable to bring your building into compliance with any pertinent regulations. Our assortment includes ones with tactile symbols and text without or with grade-2 Braille, so that you can install models on both the wall and door locations in a compliant manner. Also, our company guarantees that all models of our Compliant Bathroom Signs are made according to all Americans with Disabilities Act mandated specifications. We also create signage that adheres to both the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Title 24 regulations. You can choose from our stock models of restroom signs or custom ones that we manufacture with your preferences for style and color. While our stock models will ship immediately, the custom versions may require up to seven days manufacturing to ship. All our signage will comply with the ADA rules in your specific state whether you need them for unisex, men’s or women’s restrooms. Along with this, our signs are ideal for all types of buildings and venues. It is advisable that you contact a local, certified compliance inspector or consultant if you have any questions about which models are ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs for your location.

Rely on Us for Compliant ADA Restroom Signage for Schools

You can also turn to us for ADA bathroom signs that are compliant with all Title 24 and Americans with Disabilities Act specifications when you need to bring a school into compliance. For this purpose, we place pictograms of girls or boys on our signs with any other necessary specifications. As with any of our other signage, you can customize the signs if our stock ones are not to your liking.

All Our ADA and Tactile and Braille Restroom Signage Models Are Manufactured With Highly Durable Materials

Our company manufactures all our ADA Restroom Signs, including our Tactile and Braille Restroom Signage options, with high-quality materials to guarantee that they serve your purposes effectively for a minimum of seven years without fading or deteriorating in other ways. sub-surface paints our signboards according to the stipulations set forth in the ADA for restroom signs. On top of the other benefits to this action, it makes the signs tamper-resistant. Remember that we offer both Braille and non-Braille versions of our restroom signs since you require both to comply with your state’s ADA regulations.

Browse through our wide assortment of styles of bathroom signage to find the ones the suit your needs best or to figure out if you need to place a custom order. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to order from us directly. We always ship as promptly as possible.