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ADA Stairwell Signs

Post International Fire Code Stairwell Signs to Adhere to All Necessary ADA, Fire and Building Codes for Your Specific Location manufactures International Fire Code Stairwell Signage that help your building adhere to ADA, fire and local building code specifications, regardless of the state your building is in, including here in California. Consult with your local building, ADA or fire inspector to ensure that you understand which signs to purchase to comply with the laws in your area. We guarantee that all of our signage conforms to all of the current requirements. Displaying the proper signs is imperative for the safety of your visitors, clients or customers, investors and employees who enter your building in case a fire breaks out. For identification purposes, you need to post the right model of ADA Stairwell Signage on each one of your interior floor landings. Regulations specify the layout, letter dimensions and other relative facts that each sign needs to contain. Our company follows these regulations to be certain that all of our signage options comply with the international fire code of IFC 1022.9.

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Our Company Provides Various Types of Compliant Stair Signs

We offer a wide range of International Fire Code Stairwell Signage and Floor Number Stairway Signage to notate the floors in your building that adhere to the IFC 1022.9 and ADA codes. Certain types of our signs also comply with Title 24, which is a California building code. Buildings that have three or more floors are mandated to post a tactile sign beside each interior stairwell door to identify the stair, floor and exit levels. Our signs come in different sizes ranging from eight inches by three inches up to 12 inches by 18 inches depending upon their style. Not only do we carry stock versions, but we also provide customization options in order for you to design unique displays of your own. Local governments may specify size requirements for this type of signage. Compliant Stair Signs that notate such things as ROOF ACCESS or exits from a specific floor are part of our offerings. All these ADA Stairwell Signboards include pictograms, raised lettering and braille.

In addition, we manufacture and sell signs that contain a stair pictogram with STAIRS in textile text under it along with grade-two braille in order for it to be compliant with ADA regulations. Also, we include signs in this group that say such things as EXIT STAIR UP, EXIT STAIR DOWN, EXIT ROUTE, FIRE EXIT or EMERGENCY EXIT. On top of all of the above, we make signage to display beside a fire alarm that simply states PULL IN CASE OF FIRE.

Rely on Us for Signs That Adhere to All Fire Code and ADA Regulations

Display compliant stairwell signage and Floor Number Stairway Signage to notate each floor and stairway to allow people to safely evacuate during power failures. ADA Stairwell Signage can also give specific instructions for proper re-entry into the area. We ensure that our signs adhere to any fire code and ADA regulations. You should post a stairwell sign at each floor landing and the top and bottom terminus in the exit enclosures to bring a building with three or more stories into compliance with these regulations. Also, you need to identify all ramps or stairs as well with these signs. Compliant Stairwell Signage also should state story number, directional information, exit discharge instructions and the way to the roof from the enclosure to help the fire department fight fires successfully in your building. Display the sign 1524 mm or five feet above the floor landing where it is visible when the door is open or closed.

Tactile Floor Number Stairway Signage that is made in accordance with 1117B.5.1, Item 1 regulations need to be installed at each floor landing and adjacent to the latch side of the door in all enclosed stairwells of buildings that contain two or more stories for identification purposes. A sign that contains a raised, five-point star should go at the exit discharge level on the left side of the identifying floor number. The exterior perimeter of the star needs to be the same height of the raised pictograms.

To discover all that we can offer you, feel free to browse through the various models of our International Fire Code Stairwell Signs and other types of Compliant Stair Signs pictured on this page. Do not fail to post the right signage that complies with IFC 1022.9, ADA regulations, or Title 24 California or your state’s building code since it may cause you to pay penalties or even halt business operations. All of our displays contain durable materials to ensure that you receive a high return on your investment.