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ADA Stairwell Signs

Display International Fire Code Stairwell Signage to Comply with ADA, Fire, and California Building Codes

The International Fire Code Stairwell Signs that we manufacture here at must adhere to fire and ADA, and at times, California building code specifications. Check with your local fire, ADA, or California building inspector to ensure that you purchase signs that meet your local requirements for your specific type of building. We make our signs according to the latest updated specifications. Posting the correct signage is crucial for the safety of your workers, visitors and anyone else who enters your building in case of a fire. Every one of your interior floor landings requires specific ADA Stairwell Signs for identification purposes. Specifications are set forth for the letter heights, layout and other pertinent information that we include on these signs, and we follow each one closely to ensure all our signs adhere to the international fire code known as IFC 1022.9.

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We Offer Various Styles of Stairwell Signs

We provide a variety of International Fire Code Stairwell Signage that identifies the floors and are compliant with both ADA and the IFC 1022.9 codes. Some of our signs also are compliant with the California building code, Title 24, in case your building is within the state of California. Our signs range from 8" x 3" up to 12" x 18" depending on the style. We offer both stock and custom versions of these signs. Signs notating ROOF ACCESS, or where the exits are from a particular floor also are available as part of this group of signs. Since all these signs are ADA compliant, they contain raised lettering and pictograms along with Braille.

We make and sell a sign that contains a pictogram of a set of stairs with the word STAIRS under it in textile text along with Braille, which makes it ADA compliant. Other selections of signs in the stairwell group say things such as EXIT STAIR DOWN, EXIT STAIR UP, EMERGENCY EXIT, FIRE EXIT, or EXIT ROUTE. For emergencies, we provide a sign to go next to the fire alarm that says PULL IN CASE OF FIRE.

Please browse through our International Fire Code Stairwell Signage and other signs on this page to discover the ones you need to bring your building into compliance with the ADA regulations, IFC 1022.9, or Title 24 California building code. We manufacture all of our signs with high-quality materials to ensure they last for years. Our International Fire Code ADA Stairwell Signs and other signs are well worth your investment, as the signs not only bring you into compliance with certain laws, but also the signs help people navigate safely through the building. Let us not forget to mention that the signs also help your company avoid lawsuits. Place your order today. We are eager to provide your signage needs.