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ADA Guide / Wayfinding Signs

ADA Guides Signs Help Disabled People Navigate Through Buildings and Properties

Navigating through commercial areas, such as shopping malls, business centres, parking lots, office buildings, medical complexes and other types of public areas can be tricky for individuals, regardless of their abilities. It is difficult, if not impossible, though, for those who suffer with a physical disability or visual impairment daily, especially if these areas fail to display the appropriate signage. The group of regulations that govern the signage specifications for public buildings and properties can be found in the Americans with Disabilities Act, or as it is also known, the ADA. All owners of properties open to the public should provide clear, safe access to their entryways, exits, bathrooms, staircases and other parts of their buildings, and parking spaces for those who are mobility or visually impaired. ADA Guide Signage and Handicap Wayfinding Signs are the signs to turn to help bring your building and property into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

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How the ADA Guides and Wayfinding Signs Assist People With Disabilities Navigate Through Public Properties

All owners of public parking lots, properties and buildings should post the correct ADA Guide Signage to assist their customers, clients, patients or visitors who have some type of disability with accessing the areas easily and safely, and to comply with the mandated Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Today, most adults are familiar with handicap signage that includes a pictogram of a wheelchair with a person sitting in it. This signage includes Handicap Wayfinding Signs that provide those with disabilities with the directions that they require to locate various areas of a public property and building clearly and safely. On top of these sign displays, public areas should include wide enough aisles and walkways to make it easy for people to use their wheelchairs or other mobility aids without issue. When the signs are directing the disabled to the bathrooms, the bathrooms should contain at least one extra-wide, handicap stall along with hand railings to assist anyone who needs them.

Our Company Manufactures and Sells a Variety of ADA Wayfinding and Guides Signs

Here at we offer a wide variety of ADA and disabled signs, including the above ones along with others. Examples of the ‘others’ that we offer include ones that state ‘NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS’ or ‘FEDERAL WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE GUIDE’ to show where one might not or may be able to use a wheelchair. Staircases are one place where the first type of signs should be posted since the wheelchairs do not go up and down stairs on their own. This version of the handicap wayfinding signage will contain a pictogram of a person sitting in a wheelchair with a diagonal line through the entire image along with a text message. A sign that we provide states ‘WHEELCHAIR ACCESS’ and should be displayed in buildings next to ramps, elevators and other relative areas of the public buildings and possibly surrounding property.

Any Person Entering Your Building or Property Benefits From ADA Guides and Wayfinding Signage

Handicap Wayfinding Signage and ADA Guides Signs offer excellent guidance for everyone and not just those with disabilities. Any of your patients, clients, customers or visitors will be able to navigate with ease through your property and building with the help of this type of signage due to the fact that it will point out the handicapped parking spaces, restrooms, entryways and exits clearly. You should avoid issues with the authorities by posting the correct handicap signage in their proper positions to assist anyone who enters your building or property. Another one of our signs that you may consider displaying is the ‘Ask for Assistance’ one that we offer since it lets people know further help is available upon request. In addition to all of this, our signs are a cost-effective, quality way to bring your property and building into compliance with ADA regulations in order to prevent lawsuits and/or fines. Feel free to view and order our full line of Handicap and ISA signage right here on our website.