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ADA Guide / Wayfinding Signs

ADA Guide Signs Provide Navigation Assistance to People With Disabilities

Navigating through public areas, such as buildings, parking lots, business complexes or shopping centers, is confusing for people without disabilities let alone those who suffer with a visual or physical impairment daily, especially when the areas do not contain the correct signage. The American With Disabilities Act of the ADA dictates signage regulations for all public establishments and parking lots to comply with in order to offer safe, clear access to parking spaces, entryways, bathrooms and exits for people who are visually impaired, require a cane to walk or need a wheelchair for mobility along with other disabilities. Disabled wayfinding signs or ADA guide signs help your establishment comply with the specifications set forth in this act.

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How the Disabled and ADA Guide Signage Help Those With Disabilities Navigate Safely in Public Locations

All public buildings and parking lots need to display the proper handicap guide signs to help their visitors, clients or customers with disabilities to access the areas with ease and to adhere to the ADA regulations. Most people are familiar with the ADA guide signs today that contain the pictogram of a person sitting in a wheelchair. These wayfinding signs direct those with disabilities to various sections of public property to provide them with clear access to these areas in accordance with ADA specifications. Along with this signage, these areas contain the proper spacing to allow a person in a wheelchair or with a cane to navigate through the areas easily. In addition, if the signs are pointing out where the restrooms are, it means that people in wheelchairs or with other physical impairments can use the facilities safely with the help of handrails and at least one extra-wide stall.

We Provide a Wide Assortment of Disabled Wayfinding Signs or ADA Guide Signs

Our company offers a wide assortment of disabled and ADA signs, including the signs that we mentioned in the previous section. Examples of our other sign offerings are 'Federal Wheelchair Accessible Guide' and 'NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS' ones to exhibit where one can and cannot enter in a wheelchair. The latter ADA guide signs often are on display in high-rise buildings on the outside of stairwells since wheelchairs will not traverse up and down these areas in an easy safe manner. The symbol on this sign will be a pictogram of a wheelchair with a person in it along with a diagonal line through it, and it also will contain a text message. Another sign that may appear in this type of buildings as well as others is the one that states 'WHEELCHAIR ACCESS' next to elevators or other sections of the structures.

All Customers, Clients or Visitors Benefit From Disabled Wayfinding or ADA Guide Signage

Handicap wayfinding signs along with ADA guide signs provide assistance to other people than just the ones who struggle with disabilities. Any of your clients, customers or visitors will navigate through your structure with ease with the help of these signs since the signs notate where the reserved parking spaces, entryways, restrooms and exits are on your property. Avoid problems with the legal authorities by displaying these signs in the proper locations of your public structure to assist the people that enter your property. An additional sign you may think about posting is the 'Ask for Assistance' one that allows people to understand that you are there to serve their specific needs. Signs from STOPSignsAndMore are a high quality and affordable way to comply with the ADA regulations to avoid fines and possible lawsuits. Browse through our selection and order your signs now.