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Sign Mounting Hardware

Order Your Signage Complete with Mounting Brackets or Hardware

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of selecting the right sign for your building, street, parking lot structure, or roadway is deciding which size, text or design to use. When posting ADA or handicap signs, you must make sure the sign complies with local and state law and posted in a place that is free from obstruction. Tree branches blocking a handicap-only parking sign, for instance, would be no good.

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These Mounting Brackets Won’t Harm or Damage the Sign Itself

Once you have selected the right signs for your business or establishment, you must also select how you are going to install this sign, either by using regular hardware or mounting brackets. The most popular posting methods include: post mounts, square mounts or U-Channel post mounts. Though each version has its pros and cons, each serves the same function of holding the sign in place so that visitors and passersby can see it.

Choose from a Variety of Vandal-Resistant or Standard Grade Sign Brackets

Vandal-resistant bolts and breakaway nuts or drive rivet hardware for square posts is a popular choice offering some of the best security and stability for your signs. Such theft-resistant mounting hardware prevents unscrewing through the use of a one-way only truss bolt. In other words, once it is screwed on, it is extremely difficult to screw off. The added break away nut results in a tapered cone, so no wrench can be used. See our video HERE for installation instructions.

Regular mounting hardware offers a less permanent option and is great for posting temporary signboards or low crime area. If you are looking to post a sign to a chain link fence, choose our 12”, 18” or 24” chain link bracket and hardware set. For the common 2-3/8” round pipe, we offer a U-Clamp Bracket system. For larger diameter poles such as street lamp pole, our adjustable worm clamp strap and bracket system is a perfect choice. All mounting hardware comes with a washer to protect the sign’s vinyl facing.

STOP Signs and More has decades of experience with signage mounting hardware. If you do not see an option on our website, contact us [email protected] or call (888) 931-1793 and we can point you in right direction.