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Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Vehicle Parking Signs

Guide Drivers to Your Charging Station by Posting at Least One Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sign

Due to the move to reduce the use of fossil fuels, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for hybrid or electric parking spaces and charging stations across America. Research shows that there are about 8,000 of these stations in use today with 50 percent of them being erected over the past six years. Even though this is fact, many manufacturers have yet to add a wide assortment of EV or Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sign models to their lineup of products. Our company of understands the need for this type of Electric Vehicle Signage along with Reserved Parking Signs, and as a result, we provide a full lineup of the signs for pointing out charging stations and the necessary parking spaces to use them correctly. Our clients can customize their signage orders if our stock models are not suitable for their use. Not only do various commercial and industrial establishments need to post our sign options but also other types of venues, such as public parking lots, educational centers, libraries and shopping malls.

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Examples of our EV Charging Station Signs

We manufacture high-quality, resilient Reserved Parking Signs to denote where low-emission or electric vehicle parking spaces are located on a property. Along with these signs, we make signage that points out where the charging stations are for hybrid or electric vehicles. To ensure that drivers receive the right information, we include the kind of charging station along with the charging level on each sign. One example of the information that we place on our signs is that the charging station is a level-one version that offers the lowest charge speed, which can require the driver to charge his or her vehicle for up to six hours to fully power the vehicle. An additional example states that the station is a level-three one that provides a full charge in around 20 minutes.

Currently, more people own hybrid versions of the low-emission vehicles than other types of these vehicles since they operate on both electric batteries and gas engines simultaneously. The other models of these vehicles include the ones that run just on batteries or ones that use alternative fuels. While certain clients of ours choose an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sign model that broadcasts the message of ‘Reserved for Hybrid and Low-Emission Vehicles’, others do not wish to limit the use of the spaces by just one type of vehicle by displaying Electric Vehicle Signage that states ‘Preferred Parking for Hybrid Vehicles’ or something similar. In addition to these models, we provide other kinds of charging station and EV signs for our clients’ consideration. Provides Customization Options to Our Clients

When our clients prefer to design their own EV signage models, we help them do so through our customization option. They can include their logo, company or organization name along with unique messages or other details on their EV reserved parking sign models or other Electric Vehicle Signage. Our company follows our clients’ instructions precisely to ensure their satisfaction. There are never any minimum order requirements with our company so that our clients can order a single sign without issue as well as large orders.

Since our company understands the importance of our Electric Vehicle Charging Station Sign options and our Reserved Parking Signs lasting over the long term, we manufacture them with durable materials, such as heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum along with fade-resistant ink and reflective sheeting from 3M. Upon request, we will add a layer of Protective Overlay Film by 3M to extend the life of your signs beyond their normal seven-year lifespan. Feel free to browse through our assortment of signs on this page to learn additional information about what we offer. Contact us with any questions or to order from us directly.