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ADA Signs

Display ADA Compliant Signage to Provide Clear Instruction to All Your Handicap Customers and Visitors

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Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA in 1990 to safeguard the rights of disabled people. This act’s rules mandate that public organizations, businesses and other venues must provide safe, clearly marked, easy access to people with disabilities. This goes for any type of disability ranging from mobility issues that require the use of a wheelchair or cane to visual impairment. Property owners need to understand the importance of posting the Handicap Accessible Signage options, such as Accessible Restroom Signs, Tactile and Grade 2 Braille Signs, Truncated Dome Pads and other ADA Compliant Signage on or in any kind of public building and property.

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ADA Compliant Signage Helps Handicapped Individuals Comfortably Navigate Your Structure and Surrounding Property

People with disabilities can find it confusing and frustrating navigating your building and property if you fail to display effective signage to help them find their intended destination. One of the benefits of displaying Handicap Accessible Signage, Tactile and Grade 2 Braille Signs and Accessible Restroom Signs in specific places throughout your structure is that you will be assisting people who have disabilities navigate comfortably through your building without any issues. They will clearly know the route to traverse to locate the correct area of your building to fulfil their mission. Restrooms, stairwells, entrances, exits and other locations are the ideal spots to install these signs.

Post the Correct ADA Disabled Signage and Truncated Dome Pads to Ensure That Your Structure and Property Comply With ADA Rules

Your business will not only comply with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act on a state, local and federal level when you post the right ADA signs, but you also will be encouraging handicapped customers, clients or visitors to come to your establishment. As a result of all this, you will avoid the lawsuits that can occur when you fail to post this type of signage. Prevent any issues by displaying all mandated ADA Compliant Signage throughout your building and property.

You Must Redo ADA Signage Anytime the Regulations Change

An important point that you must understand is that anytime the authorities update the ADA regulations like they did in 2010 you will need to install new ADA signage options. Part of the 2010 update was that the Grade 2 Braille must be round in place of the once acceptable flat style to ensure the people with a visual impairment can read it quickly. California and other states also might have specific placement regulations for the Tactile and Grade 2 Braille Signs, Accessible Restroom Signs and other ADA compliant signs. Consult with a local CASp inspector to learn the exact signs that your building and property require to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our company,, eliminates the frustration of choosing this kind of signage for your purposes due to the fact that we manufacture a wide assortment of ADA signs using quality materials and in accordance to all pertinent ADA specifications, regardless of your location. Also, we provide assistive signs that state “OUR STAFF IS HAPPY TO BE OF ASSISTANCE”, “RING BELL FOR ASSISTANCE” or other similar messages that also include a pictogram of a person sitting in a wheelchair. While it is not mandated that you post these signs, your disabled customers, clients or visitors will appreciate your efforts in offering them assistance. In the following section, you can browse through our Handicap Accessible Signage and assistive signage options to discover the right ones for your situation. In addition, we can customize your signs upon request.