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Hand-Held STOP Signs

Providing a safe crossing on a street for children is of utmost importance in recreation or school areas. Children are ever moving through the day, which makes it tricky to keep them safe all the time. To ensure their safe crossing, this is where Hand-Held Stop Signs come into play to ensure they cross to the other side of the street without harm. In addition, other road safety precautions are necessary through the use of Stop-Slow Signs for the manual control of traffic through construction and other hazardous areas.

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Hand-Held Stop Signs for Use by Crossing Guards

Across the country today, there are suburban, urban and even rural schools that position crossing guards at certain points along the streets to help students cross safely to and from the schools. For these guards to perform their jobs correctly, they must have the proper gear, such as portable Stop Signs and safety vests in bright orange. We design the above STOP signs to catch the notice of young people as the crossing guards hold them up by their handles. The students know to stop at the word STOP and to travel on at the word GO to arrive safely on the other side of the street. We also can customize your sign according to your desires.

Stop-Slow Signs for Use by Construction Crews and Police Officials

The Stop and Slow combination signs are another version of the portable Stop Signs that also ensure the safety of people on the streets, whether they are traveling on foot or in vehicles. Construction crews use the Stop-Slow Signs to alert individuals to areas of road or building construction that could pose a danger for those who proceed forward. On the other hand, police officials utilize the Stop-Slow Signs to guide traffic through emergency areas, elaborate events and intersections during power outages. We even will print the name of the construction company or the police department on the signs when customization is part of the order.

We Use Only Durable and Reflective Materials in Our Hand-Held Stop Signs and Stop-Slow Signs

Our company manufactures all of our signs to be in compliance with the official MUTCD specifications, which govern all types of road signs throughout the United States. We start with rust-resistant aluminum for the base of our signs and then we add reflective sheeting to it to ensure that the Hand-Held Stop Signs and Slow-Stop Signs are visible in the dark or during inclement weather. Visibility such as this is important whether you are protecting the lives of children or adults! Browse our selection of signage on this page to discover which ones are right for your situation.

Two-Sided Paddle STOP Signs - 18x18 - Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Light-Weight Aluminum STOP Sign on Wood Handle
Regular Price: $39.95
On Sale For: $34.95
Hand-held STOP-SLOW Paddle signs - STOP Side is High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective, and SLOW side uses both HIP and Diamond Grade (DG3) Reflective. Sign is made with durable Light-Weight (.050) Aluminum
Regular Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $44.95