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Hand-Held STOP Signs

Hand-Held Paddle and Stop Signs Are Crucial for Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Providing a safe crossing on a street for children is of utmost importance in recreation or school areas. Children are ever moving through the day, which makes it tricky to keep them safe all the time. To ensure their safe crossing, this is where Hand-Held Stop Signs come into play to ensure they cross to the other side of the street without harm. In addition, other road safety precautions are necessary through the use of Stop-Slow Signs for the manual control of traffic through construction and other hazardous areas.

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Hand-Held Paddle Signs Help Crossing Guards Perform Their Duties

During the school year all throughout this country, crossing guards are located at specific crosswalks to ensure that students cross the streets safely on their way to school as well on the way home from school. These guards need certain tools to perform their duties effectively, and these include bright orange safety vests and portable STOP Signs, better known as Hand-Held Paddle Signage. Here at, you can find this type of product in attention-getting designs that make kids notice and obey the crossing guards, as they hold them in the proper position. Students of most ages understand to stop when they see the word ‘STOP’ on the sign and only go when the crossing guard signals them to do so with the opposite side of the sign that states ‘GO’.

STOP Signs Are Available for Law Enforcement and Construction Sites

The STOP Signs help to safeguard the safety of not only pedestrians but also drivers as they navigate the streets safely and lawfully. Also, construction crews can use these paddles to point out to drivers and pedestrians the hazardous areas of the building or road construction sites in order for them to know to proceed with caution. Also, law enforcement agencies use STOP Paddles to control the flow of traffic through intersections that do not have traffic lights or during power failures, emergency areas, parking lots and special events. As an additional service, we will customize these signs to include the name of the law enforcement agencies or construction companies.

Our STOP Signs and Hand-Held Paddle Signage Contain Reflective and Highly Durable Materials

We manufacture all of our Hand-Held Paddle Signage and STOP Signs according to the specifications of the MUTCD that governs many types of the road signage that are necessary across this country for safe travel. Our company starts with high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum as the base of the signage. The surface of the sheet aluminum is cleaned, deoxidized, and coated with a light and tightly adherent chromate conversion coating, free of powdery residue. Then, we add a layer of reflective sheeting to guarantee that the message on these signs is clearly visible during all types of weather and in the dark. Visibility is the key when you are trying to protect both pedestrians and motorists on the roadways, whether they are children or adults. We also install federally approved fonts using high quality 3M reflective materials and 3M fade-resistant inks. Feel free to browse through our extensive assortment of signage to find the models that suit your needs and situation in the ideal fashion. For more information contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.

Two-Sided Paddle STOP Signs - 18x18 - Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Light-Weight Aluminum STOP Sign on Wood Handle
Regular Price: $44.95
On Sale For: $39.95
Hand-held STOP-SLOW Paddle signs - STOP Side is High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective, and SLOW side uses both HIP and Diamond Grade (DG3) Reflective. Sign is made with durable Light-Weight (.050) Aluminum
Regular Price: $51.95
On Sale For: $46.95