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Hand-Held STOP Signs

The Use of Hand-Held STOP Signs Is Imperative for Driver and Pedestrian Safety in Certain Locations

It is crucial to ensure that children can cross the street safely in school and recreation areas. Kids are on the move continuously throughout the day, and this makes it difficult to prevent harm from happening to them effectively at times. To guarantee that they can cross the street without issue, there should be crossing guards at crosswalks who are holding Hand-Held Stop Signs to tell the children when the right time is to cross to the other side of the street. On top of this, other street safety measures are important, such as the 2 sided STOP-SLOW Paddle Sign models for manual traffic control at construction site as well as other dangerous locations.

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Crossing Guards Perform Their Jobs Efficiently With Hand-Held STOP Paddle Signs

All throughout the school year across the USA, crossing guards are stationed at designated crosswalks to help student safely cross the streets on their way to and from school. To ensure that they can do their jobs properly, they need specific tools, such as Crossing Guard Signage and highly visible orange safety vests. Our company of offers these products in attention-grabbing models the children will easily identify and obey when they see the crossing guards at the correct positions. Regardless of their ages, students will know to halt their walking when they first notice the “STOP” on the portable signs that are in the hands of the crossing guards. Also, they will cross the street only when these guards turn the sign displays around to show the word “GO” to signify that there are no vehicles moving.

We Also Provide STOP Paddle Signs That Are Ideal for Construction Sites and Law Enforcement

Our 2 Sided STOP-SLOW Paddle Sign options help protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians as they both navigate the streets. Construction workers can use these signs to direct pedestrians and drivers to proceed with caution through their road or building construction locations. Law enforcement officers also can utilize our Hand-Held STOP Signage to direct both vehicles and pedestrians through emergency areas, special events, parking lots and intersections during power failure or the ones that do not contain traffic lights. Another service that we provide is customization of any of these signboards that will display the message of your choosing. This allows you to add the name of your construction company or law enforcement agency to them.

The STOP Paddle Signs From Our Company Are Made With High-Quality Materials manufactures all of our 2 sided STOP-SLOW Paddle Sign models, such as the Hand-Held STOP Signs and Crossing Guard Signage, to comply with the MUTCD specifications that cover numerous kinds of road signage that keep the roadways safe throughout this country. The base of our signs is a high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum. We clean and deoxidize the aluminum and apply a thin layer of a chromate conversion coating that is totally free of any powdery residue. To this base, we add reflective sheeting to help the sign face be highly visible even in the dark and during inclement weather. Visibility is crucial to keeping drivers and pedestrians of all ages safe on the roadways. After all, if they fail to see the sign messages clearly, they cannot follow the directions correctly. Along with all of this, we add federally approved fonts to our signage using 3M fade-resistant inks. To learn additional information about our wide assortment of signs, browse through our website or contact us by email or phone. We ship all orders in a timely fashion.