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ADA Pads

ADA Truncated Dome Bump Pads

The Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA was enacted to safeguard the rights of disabled individuals. This act mandates specific accessibility requirements for building and other venues that are open to the public for any reason to ensure that handicapped people can enter, travel through and exit them with ease. One stipulation it includes is the installation of Detectable Warning Surfaces as specified in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines of the ADAAG. Surfaces such as these allow people with disabilities to detect the boundary between the road and sidewalk, pedestrian crossing areas or wheelchair ramp building entrances. ADA Pads are the only detectable warnings permitted by the ADAAG since they are the most effective choice.

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Ensure That Your Property Complies With All the ADA Regulations

Purchase only Detectable Warning Surfaces that are made according to the ADAAG specifications. Our company,, guarantees that all of our ADA Dome Mats and pads adhere to these specifications. The basic guideline of R304.1 states that detectable warnings should be a surface made up of truncated domes that are arranged in a radial or square grid pattern. Other more detailed regulations specify the spacing and size of these dome, and we cover them in the following:

R304.1.1 - Size of Truncated Domes:
The base diameter of Truncated Dome Bump Pads or domes should range from a minimum of 23 mm or 0.9 inch to a maximum of 36 mm or 1.4 inches. Also, the top diameter should be a minimum of 50 percent and a maximum of 65 percent of the domes’ base diameter. Along with these size regulations, the height of the domes needs to be 5 millimeter or 0.2 inch.

R304.1.2 - Spacing of Truncated Domes:
In a Detectable Warning Surfaces or ADA Dome Mats, Truncated Dome Bump Pads must be spaced center-to-center at a minimum of 41 millimeters or 1.6 inches and a maximum of 61 millimeters or 2.4 inches along with a 17-millimeter or 0.65-inch minimum base-to-base spacing. The latter spacing is the distance between the most adjacent truncated domes.

California Has Special Stipulations

The California authorities are so determined about venues and buildings complying with ADA regulations on ADA Dome Mats and related products that it enacted special stipulations for across the state. They published these guidelines in the California Building Code or CBC, or to be more precise the Title 24 code of regulations. In Chapter 11 of these CBC guidelines, it states that the following stipulations for a detectable warning surface should be sought out when purchasing them:

11B-705.1.1.1 - Size of Truncated Domes:
When truncated domes are in a detectable warning surface, they need a base diameter of at least 22.86 millimeters or 0.9 inch and a maximum of 23.368 millimeters or 0.92 inch. The top diameter should be no less than 11.43 mm or 0.45 inch and a maximum of 11.938 mm or 0.47 inch. Also, the height needs to be 4.6 millimeters or 0.18 inch to 5.6 millimeters or 0.22 inch.

11B-70S.1.1.2 – Spacing of Truncated Domes:
Truncated Dome Bump Pads need to have a spacing of 58 mm or 2.3 inches to 61 mm or 2.4 inches center-to-center. This measurement is the spacing between domes that are most adjacent to each other on the square grid.

Our Company Provides a Wide Assortment of ADA Tactile Mats for You to Consider

If you are an owner of a building or other venue, you might be required to install tactile mats on your property to ensure that it complies with any federal, state and local ADA laws. We make all of our ADA Pads in accordance with the specification set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Also, they are manufactured to comply with all state and federal requirements for detectable warning systems. You can select from two main styles of ADA Pads. Retro-fit ones are mountable on top of finished concrete with the use of anchoring bolts and a durable adhesive. Cast-in-place pads must be installed at the same time that the concrete is poured. provides an assortment of colors along with our standard yellow for your consideration. Browse through our lineup to select which choices appeal to you. Contact us for additional information or to place your order. With our help, you will never fail an ADA inspection.