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No Smoking Signs

Post Our Signage to Effectively Prohibit Smoking on Your Property

Today, many communities are regulated and have designated areas where people may or may not smoke. As a result, owners of public properties and buildings are posting signs to notate where smokers cannot smoke. For many years, tobacco and cigarette use have been a major part of American history. At one point, medical professionals even prescribed tobacco to be used as a remedy for minor ailments. Now, though, we understand that using tobacco products can cause health issues such as cancer. Restrictions on where people can smoke are popping up all over as the population becomes aware of the health risks connected with cigarette use. Property owners post No Smoking signs to ensure that people adhere to the restrictions in public places. These ‘smoke free signboards’ limit exposure for those who do not partake in the habit.

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The Demand Is High for No Smoking Signage

Medical professionals all agree that smoking inside buildings, even in specific areas, may be a health risk for others in the structures. In fact, studies show that separating smokers from the rest of the people in the building does not completely remove the hazards of secondhand smoke. For this reason, many buildings post various types of smoke-free signs indoors to keep areas clear of smokers. At present, more than 30 states prohibit tobacco and electronic cigarette use in the interior of public buildings, hospitals, or any other educational facilities. On top of this, certain buildings prohibit smoking in unwanted sections that may be a cause of concern for safety regulations. Restrictions do vary between states, with California and New York being the strictest of all of the states.

Outdoor, No-Smoking Areas Increasing In Demand

What is dramatically different about today’s restrictions is the fact that even outdoor areas, such as picnic areas, public parks, beaches and other types of public venues prohibit tobacco and electronic cigarette use as well. States, cities and municipalities also post ‘No Smoking Signage’ outside their government buildings to prevent people from igniting their cigarettes too closely to their entryways. As of yet, there is not an official federal regulation about restricting tobacco use, so it is up to each city, municipality or state to decide and dictate their own regulations. In spite of this fact, most of the no-smoking signage contains a lit cigarette with a circle around along with a slash diagonally across both to show it is a non-smoking area. Some have text while others just have the above pictograph.

Smoke Free Signage May Also Include E-Cigarettes

Since the use of e-cigarettes has increased recently, no-smoking signage in both outdoor and indoor areas may also state ‘includes e-cigarettes’ to prohibit their use as well as the use of traditional tobacco products. Even though there is no definitive proof that these vapor-emitting electronic devices cause the same health issues that smoking cigarettes do, some experts state that they could post a similar risk as secondhand smoke. Due to this fact, many public locations prohibit people using these electronic devices at the same time that they ban the use of regular tobacco products.

Choose from a variety of sizes, designs and colors. All signs are available in materials ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. To select the right signage for your needs, browse through our website or call our office here at Stop Signs and More. We will be happy to answer your questions about our durable and attractive signs.