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No Smoking Signs

Display Our No Smoking Signs to Prevent People From Smoking on Your Premises

Numerous communities across this country today are regulating where people can and cannot smoke. Due to this fact, owners of buildings and other locations that are open to the public are displaying No Smoking Signs in the areas of their property where they do not want people to smoke. For centuries, many Americans have used cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. Tobacco was even used as a treatment for minor health issues. During this time, though, doctors and medical professionals discovered that using these products can lead to cancer and other serious health problems. As a result of this information, property owners and legal authorities started enacting restrictions of where people can smoke at a wide assortment of locations. To enforce these restrictions, property owners display such signage as Smoke Free Area Sign options or No Smoking Within 20 Feet Of Building Signage models. Any of these signs limit exposure to the unpleasant effects of tobacco habits for those who do not participate in them.

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There Is a High Demand for No Smoking Signage Options

For years, medical professionals have agreed that indoor use of cigarettes, even when in allotted areas, can pose a health risk for everyone in the buildings whether or not they participate in it. Research proves that separating smokers from non-smokers does not totally eliminate the risk of health issues from exposure to second-hand smoke. Due to this fact, a lot of buildings display different types of No Smoking Signs indoors to prevent cigarette and vape pen use inside their facilities. Currently, over 30 states across this country prohibit cigarette/cigar use along with vaping in the interior of hospitals, businesses, educational facilities and many other types of public buildings. Along with this, there are buildings that prohibit smoking in specific areas to comply with local safety regulations. Restrictions vary from state to state. New York and California have the strictest regulations at present.

The Number of No-Smoking Areas Outdoors Is Increasing Dramatically

While it used to be acceptable for people to smoke outdoors, it is no longer so since public parks, picnic areas, beaches, restaurants and many other kinds of public locations also prohibit cigarette/cigar smoking and vaping. In addition, municipalities, cities and states display No Smoking Within 20 Feet of Building Signage or Smoke Free Area Sign options in exterior areas of government buildings to prohibit people from lighting their cigars or cigarettes or turning on the vaping devices near the entrances. As of now, there are no federal regulations prohibiting tobacco or vape use, therefore, it is up to the states and other local governments to enact their rules. The majority of signs to help enforce these restrictions include a pictogram of a circled, lit cigarette with a slash through it diagonally to broadcast that the area is a non-smoking one. Some of the models also include text messages as well.

Smoke Free Area Sign Models Also Include Electronic Cigarettes or Vaping Devices

Due to the increase in the use of electric cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vaping devices, signs that broadcast non-smoking areas in both indoor and outdoor areas might also contain the words ‘includes e-cigarettes’ along with their other message to prohibit the use of these items as well as tobacco cigarettes and cigars. In spite of the fact that there are no accurate statistics to prove that vapor-emitting devices or e-cigarettes will cause the types of health problems as smoking tobacco products do, many experts tout a similar risk exists. This has led to public venues prohibiting people from using these products right along with the tobacco ones.

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