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School Property Signs

School Zone Signs Prevent Chaos During the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times

All parents will agree that drop-off and pick-up times at their children’s school are filled with confusion. Minivans, SUVs and cars create a long line as each vehicle makes the necessary stop to deliver their kids on time for class or to pick them up at the end of the day. Maneuvering through all the commotion to arrive or leave the school can be quite tricky as a result. The parents will not understand where to go unless there are highly visible School Zone Signs on display in strategic locations. For further confusion, some kids will be walking in front of the cars since they arrive at campus on foot or by riding their bicycles. School crossing signage should be in these areas for the safety of the children as well as the parents who are driving their vehicles.

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School Crossing Signs Helps Both Pedestrians and Drivers

School Crossing Guard Signage points to the areas where children, parents and other pedestrians will be crossing the street or walking in front of vehicles in other places with the assistance of crossing guards. To aid in them in their jobs, these guards hold crossing guard signs in their hands. This, along with other school zone signage, allows drivers and all the pedestrians to navigate through the parking lot and driveway safely and in an organized fashion. School traffic signs should also be present to help all who enter or exit the grounds know where to walk to cross the street or drive their vehicles in, out and through the property.

Control the Movement and Flow of Vehicles More Efficiently With School Traffic Signage

Since so many of the students get dropped off by carpool or their parents today, School Zone Signs for instructing vehicles are a necessity. The majority of educational facilities across this county designate school drop-off and pick-up areas by displaying traffic signs or Crossing Guard Signage to guarantee those students and other pedestrians can walk across the street without risk of injury from unsuspecting drivers. School symbols and signage help visitors who are unfamiliar with the school’s layout safely navigate through the parking lot without confusion.

Even though numerous parents are driving their kids to and from school during the week, buses are still heavily relied upon to deliver those students whose parents cannot do this. As a result, the designated bus areas must be marked with the appropriate signage to notify drivers not to park in these areas with yet, another type of school zone signage. The student will be able to enter and exit the buses in an orderly, safe fashion thanks to this signage. Manufactures All of Our Signage Options Using Quality Materials and Processes

Our company makes our School Zone Signs, Crossing Guard Signage and other related signs using heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum, 3M reflective sheeting, federally approved fonts and fade-resistant 3M inks. As a result, our signs will stand up to all sorts of weather for at least seven years without fading. If you want to increase this lifespan, just request an application of 3M Protective Overlay Film or POF. Taking this action can double the life of our signs since it helps you remove markings of vandalism, such as permanent marker, paint and graffiti easily without the use of abrasive pads or cleaners. Feel free to browse through our wide assortment of signs to discover the ones that are ideal for your school setting. Consult with us if you have any questions or to place your order.