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ADA Custom Signs Online

Purchase Custom ADA Signage Online understands that owners of public property are not experts on the regulations stipulated in the Americans With Disability Act or ADA of 1990 and that their lives are hectic. If you are one of these property owners you need to be aware of the fact that when you fail to bring your property into compliance with the above regulations, your company may face lawsuits and possible fines of at least $4000.00 if not more. That is a steep price to pay just for not displaying the correct stock or Custom ADA Signage that contains the ISA along with other models that include the Custom Handicap Signs and the Custom Tactile and Braille Signs. While our stock options are high quality, you may prefer to personalize your choices according to your own preferences and specifications. Luckily, all you need to do to cut through the confusion of these signage options is to turn to our company since we not only manufacture these signs here in the USA, but we also provide you with convenient, custom online ordering.

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Our Company Ships Our Custom ADA Signs in Five to Seven Days

Imagine that you need numerous Custom ADA Signage options to post at every room in your building to provide Custom Tactile and Braille Signs to instruct all who enter your establishment the purpose of each room to pass your final inspection so that you can open according to schedule. To ensure that you do pass, your contractor recommends that you buy your custom signs from a company that he deals with regularly, but it takes six to eight weeks for this company to ship your order. If you follow this advice, it will delay your opening. Instead, you can open on schedule by ordering your Custom Handicap Signs from our company since we ship within seven days. On top of this, you can order our ADA signs on our website from the comfort of your office. You will receive timely, affordable service that prevents unnecessary downtime.

Information About Our Custom ADA Signs

The purpose of our wide assortment of ADA signage custom options is to point out where permanent entrances, exits and rooms are in your business or venue. All these options must adhere to pertinent Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, such as the tactile, pictograms and Braille elements that they contain. Read through the brief guide below to learn some of the specifications for these elements:


The minimum depth for tactile text on any of our ADA signage is .08 mm or one-third inch. Requirements for the height of the letters in this text range from 15.875 mm or five-eighths inch up to 51 mm or 2.16535 inches. On top of these ADA stipulations, only San Serif font and uppercase letters are permissible. These are just some of the Americans with Disabilities Act stipulations to provide you with an idea of how strict we are with our manufacturing processes.


People who are visually impaired or blind have Louis Braille to thank for the innovation of Braille that allows them to read text conveniently in a variety of formats, including our Custom Tactile and Braille Signs. He perfected this system when he was 15 years old by altering one that Captain Charles Barbier created and published it 1829. Many do not know that Louis was blind since he was five years old. While other forms of Braille are available, the ADA dictates that the grade-two, domed Braille be installed on our ADA signage options.


The symbols on our signs that depict a message non-textually are called pictograms. At certain times, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to post signs that contain the tactile text alone or with Braille, but in some settings, the signs with just pictograms on them are enough to bring you into compliance. Also, one pictogram that you may need to post separately or along with an ADA signage option is the International Symbol of Accessibility or the ISA one. It contains a person sitting in a wheelchair. The ADA also requires that the size of the signage be at least six inches by six inches when it contains only the ISA on it without Braille or text with it. Do not worry if this sounds confusing, as you can view examples of our ADA signage options here on our site.

Our Company Makes Only High-Quality Custom ADA Signs

After you consult with your local CASp specialist about the signs that you need, you can order our Custom Signage online with confidence since we manufacture only durable, attractive ones with quality materials and workmanship. Also, we guarantee that you will pass any ADA inspection with our Custom Handicap Signs and custom Braille and tactile signs. Place your order soon, and we will ship it within seven business days.