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ADA Custom Signs Online

We know your life as a property owner or manager is hectic, and that you are not an expert on the specifications set forth in 1990 in the Americans With Disability Act or ADA. All this is fine, but you must be aware of the necessity for your property to comply with these specifications to prevent a delay in the opening of your company, lawsuits or fines that start at $4000.00. Yes, all this can happen if you do not post the right Braille signs that include an ISA. Luckily, our company of can help you understand all this, as we are experts in ADA signage. We even offer you the ability to shop for Custom ADA Signage and stock ADA Signs through our website.

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We Ship Custom ADA Signage Within 5 to 7 Days

Let us imagine that you require a large amount of Custom ADA Signage to mark each room's number clearly in both tactile text and Braille to be able to pass your final inspection by the building inspector, so you can open for business. While your contractor suggests that you order custom signs from his favorite company, which ships within about 6 to 8 weeks, we want you to understand that we ship your order of ADA Signage within 7 days! For extra convenience, you can order custom-designed ADA Signs online at our website. Our timely service will save you weeks of downtime and money for that fact!

A Brief Guide to Custom ADA Signage

Our selection of ADA Signs are for designating permanent rooms, entrances and exits. The signs must meet strict specifications for such features as tactile text, Braille and pictograms. Check out our brief explanation of some of the regulations for these features in the following information:


The minimum requirements of the depth of tactile text on our online ADA Signs is 1/32 inch or .08 mm. Specifications for the letter height of this text range from 5/8 inch up to 2 inches or 16 mm to 51 mm depending on the dimensions of the sign. In addition, ADA specifies that only uppercase letters are allowable along with the San Serif style of font. Other in-depth specifications also apply, but this provides you the basic idea.


The Blind and people who have vision impairment can thank Louis Braille for the convenience Braille provides them in reading text in a number of different formats, including our Custom ADA Signage. He is the one who first perfected this method of tactile reading for the blind and vision-impaired. Louis was blind most of his life, but at 15 years of age after years of work, he developed the modern Braille system. Today, more than one method of Braille is in use, but ADA requires domed, Grade-2 Braille on our ADA Signs. All other styles of Braille will cause you to fail your inspections for ADA compliance.


Pictograms are simply symbols on a sign to depict a message in a non-textual fashion. With some of our Custom ADA Signage, the ADA also requires tactile text along with Braille or at least, tactile text. Other times just the pictogram signs are sufficient for ADA compliance. One important pictogram that you need to display separately or as part of an ADA sign is the ISA, which stands for the International Symbol of Accessibility. The symbol includes a wheelchair with a person in it. In addition, the ADA has a minimum size requirement of 6 inches x 6 inches when the ISA is on display without text or Braille with it. You can view examples of these pictograms in our ADA Signs at our website.

You Can Trust the Quality of Our Custom ADA Signage

When you order ADA Signs Online from our website, you can trust not only the quality of their build, but also the fact that they will help your building pass ADA inspections. Work with an ADA specialist to understand all the types of signs that you will require to pass inspection in your state. After this, browse through our website to order your ADA Signs Online or contact us at 1-888-931-1793 to speak with one of our skilled staff members.