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Green Signs

Green Is Good.

Remember Earth Day? Many people consider the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 as the birth of the modern environmental movement. Back then, "green" was just a color, and not a philosophy or a way of interacting with our environment. Back then, the word "recycle" was coined by technicians working in, ironically, the oil industry. These days, most cities and even smaller towns have curbside or centralized recycling programs. But the recycling sign is not the only kind of green sign. No dumping signs, no littering signs, and electric vehicle parking signs are green signs, too. Everyone knows that making an effort to recycle and go green whenever possible has a big impact, both locally, and globally.

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Property owners and managers know the value of posting no littering and pick up after your dog signs. These and other professionally made property signs show that a property is being watched and well-maintained, even when the owner or manager is not actually present. When dumpsters are properly labeled with recycling signs and when trash areas are well-marked with reflective no dumping signs, there is an underlying and very clear message: Treat this property with respect.

When you buy any of our recycling signs, "Keep Off the Grass" signs, and no dumping this drains to ocean signage, you've bought a well-made sign that will give many years of service in all weather conditions. Because it's reflective, recycle signs from STOPSignsAndMore works night and day. And at the end of its long life, the aluminum our signs are made of can be-recycled-of course!

With more attention paid to recycling water and using reclaimed "gray" water, posting Recycled Water In Use signs is not only advisable, more and more towns are requiring that recycled water in use signs be displayed.

Just about any property can benefit from posting a high quality recycling sign, or no dumping, no littering and keep off grass signs. Buy them with great confidence from our family owned, third-generation owned, southern California sign company.