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Spanish & Bilingual Signs

Bilingual Security Signs Are a Must in Many Parts of the Country

Se habla espanol? If you don’t, chances are good that the person sitting next to you, across the room or down the hall does. According to a recent report, nearly 38 million United States residents speak Spanish, and if you live in California, Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida or any west-coast state, speaking Spanish in many places is almost as common as not speaking it. So what does this mean to business owners and property managers who want to communicate effectively to as many people as possible?

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Put up Spanish Bilingual Security Signs to Make Sure Your Message Is Understood

Posting bilingual security signs or Spanish bilingual security signs is becoming more and more popular as a result of our changing demographics. If your business resides in Los Angeles, for instance, it makes more sense to post Spanish bilingual signs as about fifty percent of the area’s population speaks Spanish. Or to look at it another way: you would not want only half of the people who walk near your property to understand your signage, would you? Though many Spanish speakers speak English as well, posting bilingual property signs leave little room to dispute whether a trespasser should have known to enter the property or not.

Popular Spanish Bilingual Property Signs Include The Following:

    • Warning – Security Cameras in Use (Aviso Camaras de Seguridad en Uso)
    • Private Property No Trespassing (Propiedad Privada se Prohibe Trespasar)
    • No Parking (Prohibido Estacionarse)

Get the Most Protection for Your Investment with Spanish Bilingual Property Signs

We also offer Spanish property signs with messages in Spanish-only such as Alto (Stop) or No Solicitar Vagancia Traspasar Violadores Seran Perseguidos (No Soliciting, Trespassing or Vagrancy). Customized Spanish bilingual signs are also available in a number of sizes, shapes and styles.

So if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your signs and better protect your property, especially if you live in a geographic area with a large Spanish-speaking population such as California or Texas, consider Spanish bilingual signs. And if costs are a concern, at our Spanish bilingual security signs run about the same price as our English-language signs.