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ADA Assistance Signs

ADA Assistance Signs Help Guide and Welcome Customers With Special Needs

Public spaces must work for everyone, which is why accessibility assistance signs and labels are so important. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires them. Property owners with buildings open to the public will agree that it is important for them to provide safe access to all customers and visitors, including those with disabilities. Every restaurant, retailer, business, hotel, and Airbnb, must, under penalty of law, post ADA assistance signs. Most commonly you will see posted ADA ramp signage, handicap parking signs, tactile and braille restroom plaques, elevator guide signs, instructional signage for deaf people and navigational braille signage for blind people.

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Other Unique Disability Assistance Signs

If you went on the Family Feud and were asked to name the most common ADA signs, you’d likely say “bathroom signs” or maybe even “wheelchair access signs.” But there are also lesser-known options that are very helpful to people with various disabilities. Examples of unique disability assistance signage include:

  • Area of Rescue Assistance: These make sure that spaces for first-responder vehicles — ambulances, police cars, fire engines, etc. — aren’t blocked in case of emergency.

  • Please Ring Bell for Assistance Sign: Have you ever walked up to an empty desk at a hotel and business, and there are no directions explaining how to summon help? It’s frustrating! That’s where a please ring bell for assistance sign comes in handy. They’re helpful and prevent people from growing frustrated immediately.

  • This Way Signs: Directional sides of all kinds can make navigating a space infinitely easier. Customized examples include “Garden Seating This Way” and “Restroom This Way.”

Adding signage on your property is thoughtful and considerate. Not only does it help people with disabilities, but it makes navigating the space much easier for all visitors.

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