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ADA Assistance Signs

Signage That Helps Guide and Welcome Customers With Special Needs

Most restaurateurs, retailers, and other property owners who own buildings open to the public will agree that it is important for them to provide safe access to all customers and visitors, including those with disabilities. A policy such as this allows them to service the public more effectively and brings them into compliance with ADA laws. Some ways that these property owners use to offer handicap access to their buildings include wheelchair ramps, elevators and special parking spaces. In addition to all this, a Please Ring Bell or other ADA Assistance Signs on display along with other ADA signage is helpful to those with disabilities as they try to navigate around the buildings.

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Display ADA Assistance Signs to Be in Compliance

Signs that display "Area of Rescue Assistance" mark the areas of the structure where ambulance, police, fire and other rescue personnel can deliver assistance to a wheelchair-bound person or other disabled person. Marking these special areas clearly allows disabled visitors or customers to understand where they need to go in the building in case of an emergency. When you display this sign along with the Ring Bell Signage and other ADA Assistance Signs, you make effect strides towards being in compliance with federal laws on access for the disabled.

Please Ring Bell for Assistance Signs Helps the Disabled Feel at Ease

We provide a variety of ADA Assistance Signboards that is less urgent than the emergency one above, such as the Please Ring Bell Sign. With this sign, you let the people with disabilities understand that they only need to ask for help to receive it. At times, the disabled feel awkward requesting assistance from the building's staff members to move about in the establishment or to reach merchandise that is on the shelf out of their reach, but with the right signage, you can make them feel at ease about asking for help. With the variety of welcoming messages we offer for our assistance signs, you’ll easily find the right display that will work for your business or company.

We Make and Sell ADA Assistance Signage and Other Important Sign Displays

Our company offers a wide assortment of ADA signage that ranges from the assistance signs to ones that clearly mark the entrances and exits in buildings that are wheelchair accessible. You will not only comply with the ADA laws by displaying such signage, but also make your disabled visitors and patrons feel at ease in your building. Make sure your building provides clear, safe access to all disabled people, and that you offer additional assistance with signage as in a Please Ring Bell Sign. Avoid hefty legal fees and fines by complying today. Check out our assortment of signs on this page to find the ones to display in your building. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.