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Entrance and Exit Signs

Posting the Correct Parking Lot Signage Provides Effective Traffic Control

Parking lots of venues such as office buildings, medical facilities, shopping malls, apartment complexes and industrial and commercial locations deal with large amounts of vehicle traffic daily. It is easy to imagine the confusion in these lots when the owners fail to display the proper Parking Signage in strategic spots throughout them. One example of this signage is the Entrance and Exit Signs that show drivers the safest routes in, through and out of the parking lots in order to prevent issues and accidents. While some motorists are searching for open spaces, others are entering or exiting these lots. Just by installing the right type of Guide and Wayfinding Sign Displays, you instruct all the drivers the ideal routes to travel through the lot, regardless of their goal.

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Effective Parking Lot Signage Offers Guidance for the Drivers Who Are Searching for Parking Space

Styles of Guide and Wayfinding signage that have ENTER or ENTER ONLY along with an arrow directing drivers to the entry point of the parking lot allow motorists to turn off the street in a safe manner at the correct place to drive into the parking area. In the right spot, this type of sign keeps drivers from traveling down the street in search of the entry point. Due to the fact that many parking areas can be present in the city, drivers need and are thankful for the assistance of Entrance and Exit Signs to help provide aid in navigating through the various parking lots. On top of this, some motorists need to drive from one point to another point in the area without problems, and the entrance signage helps them do so without turning in the wrong direction. After vehicle operators drive into the lot, they find their way through it with the assistance of the Entrance and Exit Signs. When they wish to leave the area, posted signs that state EXIT along with a directional arrow point the way for them to proceed safely.

Regulation Guide and Wayfinding Sign Displays for Parking Lots Clearly Point the Way for Drivers

Parking lot signs that are clearly displayed ensure that motorists travel through the area in the correct and safe manner. Since so many vehicles are attempting to park and move about in the lots, the Guide and Wayfinding Sign Displays provide direction and help reduce the number of fender benders and more severe accidents that happen in them. Our company,, manufactures all our Guide and Wayfinding Signs for parking garages according the MUTCD specifications and regulations. This ensures that motorists can read these Entrance and Exit Signs clearly at night and in all types of inclement weather, which is crucial to keep the traffic flowing smoothly through your lot. We start each sign with a base of rustproof, highly durable aluminum before applying 3M reflective sheeting and fade-resistant inks to guarantee that your Entrance and Exit Signs will last at least seven years if not longer. Also, we pre-drill the mounting holes for you.

Posting the Right Parking Lot Signs Makes a Positive Impression on All Who Enter Your Lot

Another reason to display the correct Parking Lot Signage is to leave a lasting impression for all who drive into your property. This is especially important when you own a commercial business that caters to a wide assortment of clients or customers all throughout the year. Customers or clients are quite picky at times and may drive elsewhere to do business if your parking area is confusing to navigate through for them.

To discover all that we have to offer you in the way of Entrance and Exit Signs along with other signage for your parking lot, browse through our extensive sign lineup. If our stock offerings do not suit your preferences or needs, we will customize Entrance and Exit Signs for you. We ship as quickly as possible upon receipt of your order.