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Crosswalk Signs

Crosswalk Signs Save Lives!

Many people take them for granted, but pedestrian and crosswalk signs save lives! Not only do they let people know where it’s safe to cross the road, but they also alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians. Our company makes a wide assortment of slow down signage and school zone signs, including: MUTCD W11-2 pedestrian symbol signage, SLOW pedestrian crossing signs and MUTCD S1-1 School Children Crossing displays. Crosswalk Signs are perfect for slow traffic near schools, shopping areas and around corporate campuses. Simple to install, our innovative traffic calming solutions protect pedestrians and promote speed limit compliance.

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Paddle Signs for Crossing Guards

For areas of heavy pedestrian traffic we make two types of paddle signs for cross guards to use especially for school zones, areas of high level foot traffic and construction areas near roadways.

Paddle STOP Sign: Red with white lettering, our double-sided paddle STOP signs are a manageable weight and make the school crossing process much safer.

Paddle SLOW-STOP Sign: The “slow” side of our SLOW-STOP sign has an orange background with black lettering. The “stop” side sports a red background with white lettering.

All of our signs comply with prevailing codes and are used by police departments, local governments, construction crews, and schools. Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques also find them handy at large events — as do non-profit organizations and corporations.

Crosswalks With Signs Are Safer!

School zone signs and slow down signage aren’t your only options. For example, Cross Guard and Flagger Ahead signs are popular in school neighborhoods because they slow down drivers and mitigate accidents. Or, if you’re trying to keep people on foot out of a particular area, a No Pedestrians Allowed sign almost always does the trick. Pedestrian Right of Way signs, Children at Play signs, and even Dog Crossing signs are also available.

Trust Us With Your Sign Needs

Our company,, has a vast array of crosswalk and pedestrian signs from which to choose. We only use top-quality, rust-proof materials that are guaranteed to last for seven years before the onset of fading. And better yet, our rates are extremely affordable!

We invite you to browse through our selection of crosswalk and pedestrian signs below. If you don’t see what you want or have questions, by all means, get in touch with one of our specialists at 888-931-1793. If you’re ready to order, simply click on the signs to use our online store — or give us a call!