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Crosswalk Signs

Crosswalk Signs Clearly Define Pedestrian Crossings

Can you imagine the number of pedestrians who would suffer injuries each day if there were no marked, pedestrian crossings on the streets and roadways in our country? Crosswalk signage clearly defines the areas that pedestrians need to use to cross over to the other side of the street or road. They ensure that motorists will spot people in time to stop their vehicles quickly enough to guarantee pedestrian safety. Pedestrian crossing signage come in a wide assortment of styles at our company, such as the federal, MUTCD W11-2, pedestrian symbol signs.

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Paddle-Style STOP Crosswalk Signs and Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Two versions of the paddle STOP signs are available from our company. The first has STOP in white on a red background on both sides of the paddle. School crossing guards hold these crosswalk signs up with their hands to stop traffic at school crossings, so students can safely traverse through the area. Another version of this sign has STOP in white on a red background on one side and SLOW in black on an orange background. Road construction crews and other industries use these signs to control traffic during special projects or events. Regardless of which versions of the pedestrian crossing signage you need, know that we provide only quality signs to you.

Crosswalks Can Display a Variety of Signs

When it comes to the crosswalk signage that people install at crossways, these pedestrian crossing signs can display a variety of messages depending on the specific need. Crossing Guard and Flagger Ahead warning signs could actually appear before crosswalks or flaggers to alert drivers that they are approaching either type of person. Warning drivers in this manner makes it easier for them to slow down or stop when they need to for whatever purpose. You also can purchase a No Pedestrians Allowed sign that only displays a symbol of a person with a red circle around it with a diagonal line through both for areas that are unsafe for people to walk.

With a "STOP When (symbol of a pedestrian) In Crosswalk" sign that has a rectangular shape, you can instruct drivers to the fact that pedestrians have the right of way. Other versions of pedestrian crossing signage exists with various messages, images and shapes. Certain ones only use images to transmit these same instructions rather than words. You also can order signs to slow people down for crosswalks or children playing in the area along with signs warning of the presence of school children, or other pedestrians. Just browse through our crosswalk signs to learn which ones suit your purpose for pedestrian crossing.

Reasons to Trust Us for Your Signs

We make all of our crosswalk signage using the best quality, heavy-gauge aluminum that is rustproof. In addition to this, our signs will last for 7 years without the images or text fading. also provides you with an option to custom order your pedestrian crossing signs. You need to order your signs from us for all these reasons, and the fact that we guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us at our phone number of 888-931-1793 today.