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ADA Room Name Signs

Post ADA Compliant Signs to Help the Visually Impaired Find Their Way Through Your Building Easily

When most people think about handicap signage, they picture handicap parking sign displays in the numerous parking lots throughout this country. However, many other versions of these sign displays are necessary for property owners to post in order to comply with the laws set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Prime examples of these other Compliant Signs include the ADA Room Name Signs, the ADA Room Number Signage options and the Tactile and Braille Signs. The difference between these signboards and the non-compliant ones is that they contain Braille characters as well as names or numbers to enable the visually impaired to read them with their fingers.

Currently, owners of public buildings must post an ADA room name or number sign on every area or room in their establishments. This includes hallways, bathrooms, hotel rooms, offices, conference room, stairwells, closets and more. The blind and other visually impaired people can read the information on these Tactile and Braille Signs by running their fingers over the raised dots and other elements on the signs.

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Be Certain to Display Only ADA Compliant Signs

In addition to the law requiring the posting of these sign messages, people find their design informative and helpful, even when they do not have any disabilities with their vision. Due to this, you should always buy handicap compliant signage, such as the ADA Room Name Signs or ADA Room Number Signage, to help people identify each of your rooms accurately and easily regardless of their vision ability.

Models of these signboards are extra important for entrances, exits, stairwells and elevators for the safety of your visually challenged customers, visitors, patients or clients. Displaying these signs in the right locations will ensure that all visually impaired individuals who enter your establishment will find their way around and be able to exit smoothly, even in case of emergencies without problems.

Room number and name signage options also guarantee non-confusing entrance and exit to rooms and areas for everyday reasons. On top of this, people with normal vision find this type of signage useful for navigational purposes. You should understand that the present ADA Compliant Signs adhere to the latest Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and laws which contain round instead of flat dots. The changes were made because blind people can decipher the round ones easier.

Purchase Our Attractive, Durable ADA Tactile and Braille Signs

When you need to broadcast your message in an attractive and a durable way, order your ADA Room Name Signs or ADA Room Number Signage options from our company, We make ones in brushed aluminum on wood laminate for this ultimate statement. These not only comply with all ADA stipulations, but they also add a special ambiance to your establishment’s interior. This style of sign messages costs a bit more than our basic models do due to the fact that they include higher quality materials and design features. Our company makes and ships your sign order for this type of signage option in approximately five to seven days. Contact us for further details.