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ADA Room Name Signs

ADA Room Name Signs Help the Visually Impaired Locate Various Rooms

When you mention ADA signs to most people, the handicap parking signs in lots throughout the country first come to mind. Other signs, though, are also useful to comply with the law to provide adequate handicap access for all, such as an ADA room name and room number signs. What makes these different from traditional room name signs? They contain not only numbers or names, but also Braille characters to help the visually impaired understand the message on the signs.

Today, the law requires that all public buildings display a ADA room name sign on each permanent room or area. Rooms or areas that fall into this category include bathrooms, hallways, offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms, closets and even stairwells. Braille signs such as these allow the visually impaired or blind to read the characters by the touch of their fingers to learn which way to traverse through a building.

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Display Room Signs That Are ADA Compliant

Aside from the fact that the law requires you to display this type of signs today, people in general will find these signs useful and informative. For this reason, since you need to identify each room with some type of sign anyway, you need to consider displaying the ADA room name sign that is ideal for all people, including those with sight problems.

Signs of this design are especially important at entryways, regular and emergency exits, elevators and stairwells for the safety of all users, including those with a vision impairment. Use of these ADA room name signs will ensure that visually impaired people will be able to exit your structure quickly in case of an emergency without assistance.

Room number signs in this style also ensure easy entrance and exit to areas under normal circumstances. In addition, other people besides those with vision impairments, find these signs useful for the same purposes. You need to know that the current ADA compliant room signs adhere to the latest changes in the law, and contain round dots in place of the flat ones. Blind people have an easier time deciphering the round dots.

Order Stylish ADA Compliant Room Signage for the Ultimate Statement

When you also wish to make the ultimate statement with your ADA room name and room number signs, select our brushed aluminum ones that we mount on wood laminate. Not only do they comply with all ADA regulations, but also these signs add ambiance to your structure's interior area. You will pay a bit more for this style since they contain such high quality, design elements and materials. We can manufacture and ship your order for these signs within about 5 to 7 days. Please call us at (888) 931-1793 for further information.