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ADA Truncated Dome Pads

ADA Truncated Dome Pads Are an Effective Part of Detectable Warning Systems

ADA Truncated Dome Pads are ubiquitous in all shopping malls, public buildings, in your local neighborhood parks and in the entrances and exits of your favorite stores. You will typically see these dome pads mounted onto the concrete of any sidewalk or transition from pedestrian walkway to the roadway. Most people simply just walk over the bumpy pads never realizing how important of a role those dome pads play in the safety of our disabled citizens. Their formal name is ADA Truncated Dome Pads. However, many just call them Surface Applied Bump Pads, Dome Mats or ADA pads. These pads help to notify disabled and the visually impaired that there is a transition from the sidewalk to the road nearby. Our Truncated Dome Pads are designed for the visually impaired to feel the raised truncated bumps with their feet. These safety detectable warning systems help people to be aware of an upcoming intersection or to be cautious of entering into the street where there is vehicle traffic.

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A Brief History of The Americans With Disabilities Act

Even though the Americans With Disabilities Act, or some know it as the ADA, came into being in 1990, the enactment of it included a 10-year exemption in order for officials to research the feasibility of installing Detectable Warning Systems on roads and streets. As of July 26, 2001, though, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandated that all Detectable Warning Systems or Truncated Dome Mats are essential in new construction projects as well as in renovation projects. The Accessibility Guidelines or the ADAAG dictates that detectable warnings need to be on the curb ramps along with other places that pedestrian paths lead into or cross vehicle pathways. Truncated Dome Mats are also being included more often today in stairs, footpaths and sidewalks, and train and subway platforms along with public parking lots. The primary reason for the Surface Applied Bump Pads or ADA Dome Mats is to alert people who are visually impaired or handicapped in another way to detect the pads with a cane or their feet to warn them of hazardous drop-offs, vehicle pathways or other issues that may cause them problems in traversing safely to their destinations.

How to Comply With the Regulations Set Forth in California Title 24

California has their own unique rules for these Truncated Dome Mats as part of it Title 24 regulations, and the government is diligent about enforcing them. Title 24 is also known as the California Building Code or the CBC. Chapter 11 of this code stipulates the same items as the ADAAG Detectable Warning Systems do in order for you to understand what to search for when shopping for the items when you are located within this state. The details for pad sizing and spacing in this Chapter 11 are as follows:

11B-705.1.1.1 Dictates Size:
Truncated or ADA dome pads in the detectable warning surfaces or systems need to contain a minimum base diameter of 0.9 inch and a maximum base of 0.92 inch. The top diameter should be at least 0.45 inch but can be as large as 0.47 inch for a maximum. Also, the minimum height should be 0.18 inch with a maximum height of 0.22 inch.

11B-70S.1.1.2 Dictates the Spacing:
The spacing of these pads should have a minimum spacing of 2.3 inches with the maximum spacing being 2.4 inches from center to center when measured between the adjacent domes or mats on a square grid.

We Offer Different Styles of Detectable Warning Systems to Suit Your Needs

When you are a property owner, you might be mandated to install Truncated or ADA mats on your property to bring it into compliance with federal, state or local ADA regulations. Luckily, here at, you can find a variety of Detectable Warning Systems or Dome Mats that are manufactured according to all ADA regulations, as we also make ones that comply with California Title 24. You need to realize that there are two primary styles of Truncated Bump pads. The first are the cast-in models that are installed as the concrete is poured, and the second are the retro-fit ones or Surface Applied Bump Pads that are attached to finished concrete surfaces using durable anchoring bolts and adhesive. Regardless of which style is right for your situation, we provide not only our standard yellow ones, but also an assortment of colors when you wish something different.

You can rely on our company for quality bump pads for Detectable Warning Systems in both retro-fit and cast-in styles. Our company is still family owned after all of our years in business, which allows us to provide you with optimal customer service along with our durable products. Refer to the links below to learn additional facts about our pads that comply with ADA regulations along with how we make them, their use and how both styles are installed properly.

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