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Speed Limit Signs

Speed Limit Signs Increase the Safeness of the Roads

Today, the roads are becoming more like the car-chase movies with many of the cars speeding rather than staying at or under the speed limit. While this type of movie is exciting to watch in the theater, the cars speeding on our country’s roads are far too dangerous to be entertaining. Speed Limit Signage, such as the MUTCD Compliant R2-1 ones, effectively and clearly broadcast the legal speed limit for any road area to ensure that the drivers adhere to it as they travel down the road. This type of Street Limit Signs plays an integral part of maintaining safe roads 24/7 all throughout the year and in any type of weather.

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We Offer Highly Reflective Road Signs That Will Catch Any Drivers Attention manufactures highly visible, durable signs for this use, according to the regulations set forth by local and federal governments. Statistics show just how dangerous driving at high speeds is across this country since they show that road accidents injure around 10 million children and kill 260 thousand of them between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age each year. Our company also provides Official Road Signage options that help broadcast the fact that children are at play in the area by stating ‘10 MPH and a pictogram of a child running’ on them along with ‘WATCH FOR CHILDREN’ to instruct drivers to traverse slowly down the road in subdivisions and other areas where children will be playing in order to decrease the chance of accidents due to excessive speed. It is also important to note that these and our other offerings for this purpose are Reflective Street Signs, so that drivers can read them clearly during any type of weather or time of day or night.

Origins of The Speed Limit Sign and How It Plays an Important Role Today

The history of the speed limit sign dates back to 1861 in the United Kingdom. At that time, the automobiles were steadily increasing in numbers to the point where the authorities saw the need to regulate their road speed by displaying Speed Limit Signage at intervals along the roads. This was long before the start of the MUTCD Compliant R2-1 signs that came into being much later. Present models of the road and speed signs are highly improved over the original models of 1861.

The World Health Organization or WHO released a report stating that the regulation of road speed is a vital factor in lowering the casualties and injuries on the roadways not just here in the USA but also worldwide. Also, the report estimated that in 2004, 50 million individuals would be injured that year and that there would be 1.2 million deaths as a result of vehicle accidents. WHO also stated that if action was not taken to reduce these figures that by 2020 the numbers will be up by 65 percent. Driving at excessive speeds is at the center of this problem. This is one of the reasons why you should be certain to buy only durable, high-quality Reflective Street Signage, Speed Limit Signs and MUTCD Compliant R2-1 signs from instead of the poorly made models that you can find on the market at present. You deserve a high return on your investment, and our company delivers that with each order that we fulfil for you.

We Manufacture Our Signs Using High-End Materials and Premium-quality manufacturing processes

We use only the best raw materials to manufacture our Official Road Signage and Street Limit Signs. As a base, we use durable, rustproof, 5052-H38 aluminum that is pre-treated to comply with ASTM specifications. Our skill technicians also clean and deoxidize the aluminum along with applying a chromate coating on it that leaves no powdery residue. also uses only approved fonts on our signage options, whether they broadcast the message of ‘SPEED LIMIT 50’, ’15 ZONE AHEAD’ or another one as part of our options for Speed Limit Signage.

All of the speed limit, MUTCD-approved, Official Road Signage options are also Reflective Street Signs since we apply a layer of 3M reflective sheeting on each sign. The text and pictograms are fade resistant due to the fact that we use only durable 3M inks. As a result of using these materials, all of our signs last for a minimum of 7 years without fading, and this fact makes them perfect of display along the streets and roads across this country. In the event that you want to ensure that these signs last even longer, you can request that with add the 3M Protective Overly Film or POF that can make your signage last up to 14 years. The POF protects the signs from damage from UV exposure, inclement weather and graffiti. Graffiti comes off easily with only mild detergent and water without the need for abrasive pads, tools or cleaners when you do add the POF to your sign orders. Consult with us directly or browse through our website to select and order your MUTCD R2-1, speed limit or other signage at your convenience to help make the roads and streets safer in your area.