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Speed Limit Signs

Speed Limit Signs Help Keep the Roads Safe

We have all seen those movies with exciting, high-speed car chases in them. While they are thrilling to watch on the big screen, in real life, it is extremely dangerous to drive too fast on the roadways throughout the United States. Speed limit signs or to be exact, the MUTCD R2-1 signs, display the legal speed limit of a given area that drivers need to adhere to while they traverse the roads. Signs such as these play an important part in keeping the roads safe around the clock and through all sorts of weather. Our company constructs durable, highly-visible signs for this purpose, according to the specifications that the federal and local governments require for these signs. If you need statistics to prove how dangerous fast driving is in this country, consider the fact that road accidents cause 260,000 children to die each year and injure about 10 million of them from ages 10 to 19 years old. We even offer signs that help point out that kids are at play, which state, "10 MPH (image of a child running) WATCH FOR CHILDREN" to instruct drivers to move slowly down the street to do our part to reduce the accidents caused from excessive speed. .

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In 1861, the first speed limit was legally set in the United Kingdom. Automobiles were increasing in numbers at this time, when the authorities realized the needed to regulate the speed on their roads by posting speed limit signs long before the specifications for the MUTCD R2-1 existed, as these regulations came about later on in history. Speed and road signs have come a long way since that time. Since our roads have become increasingly busy over the years, the need for signs to display the speed limits is greater than ever before in history. The WHO, or World Health Organization published a report that regulating speed is a crucial element in the reduction of casualties on the roadways throughout the world. The WHO went on to estimate that 50 million people will be injured in 2004 throughout the year and that 1.2 million people would die from road accidents in that same year.

WHO also claimed that if efforts were not increased to lower these casualty figures that they would grow by 65% by the year 2020. Vehicle speed is at the heart of this issue. For this reason, you need to make sure that you purchase only high-quality, durable, speed signs or MUTCD R2-1 signs from our company and not just the cheapest ones you you find for sale today. You deserve value for your investment, and we provide it!

We start with quality raw materials to create our speed signs here at First, we use only rustproof, 5052-H38, durable aluminum that is pre-treated, according to ASTM specifications. Our technicians then clean, deoxidize and coat this aluminum with a special, chromate coating that is free from powdery residue. We only place approved fonts onto the signs to specify their speed limits, whether we are manufacturing the "SPEED LIMIT 35" signs or the "15 ZONE AHEAD" signs, or one of our other speed limit signs.

All of our signs also contain 3M reflective sheeting and durable inks. These materials create speed signs that last for at least 7 years with no fading, which makes them ideal to post along the roads. If this length of time is not sufficient for you, you can add the Protective Overlay Film from that 3M makes to double the lifespan of your signs. The film acts as protection from permanent marring from graffiti on top of UV rays and inclement weather. Graffiti will just wash off with a mild solution instead of the need for abrasive cleaners or tools. Contact us for your speed signs or MUTCD R2-1 signs soon to receive high quality, durable signage to control driving speeds on the roads.