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Bare Aluminum Sign Blanks

We Offer Various Shapes And Sizes For Our Aluminum Sign Blanks

Our company sells a wide assortment of aluminum sign blanks for any of your needs. If you take a look below at our selection you’ll see that we have rectangular, diamond, octagon and square shaped blanks in various sizes. Perfect for custom store signage, traffic signs or other notices you may need posted for your location. Keep in mind when purchasing aluminum sign blanks, it is imperative to take into consideration the type of alloy being used. Other companies feature the thickness of their aluminum as a premium selling point, but without proper temperament the strength of the product may be compromised. Metal thickness is irrelevant if the alloy used is of a lower-grade quality. We here at STOPSignsAndMore pride ourselves in using highly durable 5052-H38 .063 inch thickness aluminum for signs 29 inches or under and .080-inch thick signs for aluminum 30 inches and over. Although our competitors may claim .080 thicknesses, these can be less-rigid and inferior if the quality of the aluminum is lower i.e. 3003-H14 material.

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The Importance Of Alloy Used And The Strength It Can Provide For Your Signs

The qualities and categorization of alloy, specifically 3003, is a classification for aluminum alloy while H14 is a measurement of hardness for the material. 3003 is an alloy type that uses aluminum and manganese, and is one of the most common forms of aluminum alloy. This aluminum has a high degree of work-ability as it is able to be spun, deep drawn, brazed or welded. Our company, STOP Signs and More exclusively uses 5052 aluminum, which is the toughest strength of all the forms of non-heat treatable grades of aluminum alloy. In addition to being stronger than other forms of alloy, it is also effectively resistant to corrosion from salt or water in marine type environments or other consistently rainy locations. Applications for this form aluminum range from aircraft components and transportation parts to high-end home appliances.

Our High-End Durable Aluminum Sign Blanks Are Built To Last

We can’t stress enough the importance of the alloy quality we use in our products versus the cheaply made material used by other companies. Alloy matters significantly when it comes to the lifespan of your signage. You can be confident that the aluminum sign blanks featured on our site are some of the most durable alloy materials on the market. Our 5052-H38 .063 and .080 aluminum sign blanks can withstand corrosive forces, and will not bend or break like other cheaper aluminum signs composed of weaker alloys. Our blanks come in wide variety of stock sizes along with custom ones. You can also request a different thickness such as .080 or .125 inches. Another option that we offer is the 6016-T6 aluminum when the need calls for it.