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Slow Down Signs

Make Your Neighborhood Safer With Slow Down Signage

Traffic slow down signs are essential to have posted for every type of property, especially for public roadways, residential areas and school zones. Sometimes, people just need a reminder to take it easy and not speed around areas with slower speed limits. If you want a neighborhood where children can play in the streets and adults can garden curbside, we highly recommend posting slow down signs, speed bump signs, crosswalk signage, pedestrian crossing signs, and children at play signage to help make your residential enclave safer.

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Speeding Facts

Speeding has long been a problem in suburban, ex-urban, and rural areas. Distracted drivers often drive faster than normal not realizing they are speeding. Many things can distract motorists, such as eating on the go, excessive phone use, rowdy passengers and other portable technologies. Because of these distractions, a lot of drivers don't uphold the best safety practices. Speeding is dangerous and can cause serious accidents resulting in serious vehicular or bodily damage.

Check out these eye-opening facts:

  • Cars traveling at 20 miles per hour that hit child pedestrians result in fatalities five percent of the time. At 30 miles per hour, the death rate jumps to 45 percent, and at 40 miles per hour, it skyrockets to 85 percent.
  • Every year, nearly 900 children die from pedestrian injuries in the United States, and traffic-related accidents injure 24,000
  • The National SAFE KIDS Campaign reports that pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of injury-related deaths among kids aged 5 to 14

Slow Down Signs and More

It’s dangerous when people speed through residential neighborhoods. Road signs are one tool used to combat the problem. Safer neighborhoods frequently feature:

  • Slow down signs
  • Pedestrian crossing signs
  • Children at play signage
  • Crosswalk signage

Speed Bump Signs

Careening over a speed bump at full tilt is an unpleasant experience. It can also cause vehicular damage. Thankfully, speed bump signs get motorists to slow down by about 40 percent, which is especially important in school zones and residential neighborhoods.

Crosswalk Signage Helps Pedestrians Too!

So far, we’ve focused on how various slow down signs and pedestrian crossing signs support motorists — but crosswalk signage also helps pedestrians. Joggers, bikers, dog walkers, and people out for leisurely strolls all benefit from knowing where they have the right of way.

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