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ADA Active Wheelchair Signs

Information about the Handicap Accessible Signage for New York and Connecticut

Handicap accessible Signage has gone through various transformations during the years to meet the needs of disabled individuals. Today, it is no different as the current innovation includes the new ADA Active Wheelchair Symbol, also known as the Dynamic Accessibility Symbol Sign, which has been introduced into New York legislation as the current handicap symbol of choice. The NY Active Wheelchair Symbols have also been adopted by the state of Connecticut's regulation for handicap sign displays. Other states across this country may soon choose to mandate the use of these signs as well. While most states follow the specifications dictated by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA, certain states add their own regulations to govern the posting of the Active Wheelchair Signs, International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA and any of the ADA signage options that we mentioned earlier throughout buildings on such locations as bathrooms and other public areas. Even parking areas require at least some of these signs. When owners of public properties fail to comply with their state’s ADA laws, they can wind up paying substantial fines or have lawsuits filed against them.

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Information About the Adoption of the ADA Active Wheelchair Symbol and Signage

The reason that Connecticut and New York adopted the Dynamic Accessibility Symbol Sign option is that they felt the traditional International Symbol of Accessibility placed the emphasis on the handicap rather than the person who struggles with it. Active Wheelchair Signs represent disabled individuals having an active lifestyle instead of an inactive one. Even though the ADA has yet to replace the traditional ISA with the new active wheelchair symbol, New York State passed a law in 2014 requiring the NY Active Wheelchair Pictogram along with the regulation that the words “handicap” and “handicapped” should never be on any Handicap accessible Signage. Connecticut followed two years later with its own laws about the same directives.

The Correct Use of the Dynamic Accessibility Symbol Sign and Symbol

Presently, in Connecticut and New York State, you are required to display the active wheelchair symbol in place of the International Symbol of Accessibility. With the new dynamic symbol of accessibility, the pictogram is of a person leaning forward in a wheelchair to mimic movement instead of a person sitting upright in a wheelchair. Also, the arm in the pictogram is up and behind the character’s body to simulate a person operating the wheels of the wheelchair. This innovative design is just as identifiable as the traditional one of the ISA and has the same meaning, so there is no confusion for disabled people with the change. Also, these two states eliminate the words “handicap” and “handicapped” on these signs, and in their place, the word “accessible” is to be used. This holds true for the text messages on the signs and any other form of communication where the words “handicap” and “handicapped” once appeared. With all this being said, we advise you to consult with a local CASp inspector to learn if this style of the ADA Active Wheelchair Symbol is the right choice for your location even when you are in either Connecticut or NY State since the ADA still does not deem the Connecticut or the New York Active Wheelchair Signs as being compliant with its regulations in place of the ISA. Manufactures a Wide Assortment of Signage Using Superior Techniques and Durable Materials

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