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ADA Entrance-Exit Braille Signs

Make Your Property Compliant with Braille Exit Signs and Entrance Exit Signs All buildings open to the public should be compliant with the federal regulations set forth by the ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act. One way to bring a building into compliance is by displaying Braille Exit or Entrance Signs. Another important sign to display for a property to be ADA compliant is the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA to signify that handicap parking spaces, entrances, restrooms and loading zones are easily accessible for people dealing with disabilities.

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Our Company Provides a Large Selection of Braille Exit and Entrance Exit Signage provides a number of different Braille Exit Signs and Entrance Exit Signs that range from basic ones to point out ramp exits to Braille ones that mark entrances and exits for those suffering from visual impairment. We also carry ISA signage and decals that a property owner should display in the appropriate locations to be ADA compliant. If you are in need of our signage, check out the following to learn additional information:

Braille Exit and Entrance Signs
Our company offers a variety of ADA-compliant, Braille, exit and entrance-exit signage that contains Braille along with text messages. The regulations from ADA stipulate that the signs must be constructed with rounded corners, a matte blue coloring, and out of acrylic material. Most of these signs are 6" x 8" in size. However, if you find you need a different size, we also provide additional sizes from which to make your selection. In addition, we carry signs that come 6" x 2" come with Braille and text without any images.

We also offer a 6" x 6", ADA "NOT AN EXIT" sign that comes with tactile text along with grade-2 Braille to exhibit which doors are not exits. The background is blue and the text is white. You can find Braille Exit Signs or Braille Entrance Exit Signs in sizes starting at 5" x 4" and as large as 12" x 12". It depends on the area you are trying to bring into compliance as to which size and style you order. Not all ADA signage contains Braille, but why not purchase the signage that does contain it to enable your visually impaired visitors the proper access to your property? Remember, the ADA has regulations to the height and locations where you should mount these signs.

The International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA also manufactures a 6" x 6" ISA sign to bring your property further into compliance with the regulations of the ADA. On top of this one, we offer a 4" x 4" version that fits on top of tables, or the 6" x 8" model that contains text and Braille. You can purchase 3-packs of window decals from us. The decals attach to your building's windows to broadcast the fact that it is in compliance with ADA regulations and is wheelchair accessible. A convenient feature of the decals is the fact that they do not leave a glue residue when it is time for new ones.

High-Quality Signage

We manufacture only high quality, durable Braille Exit and Entrance Signs to bring your property into compliance with ADA specifications. You will gain the trust of your customers or visitors by posting these signs and the ISA signage on your property. In addition, you will avoid possible legal issues. Please, feel free to browse through our entire selection of Braille Exit Signs and Entrance Exit Signs below to discover which ones will work for your needs. We manufacture all signs according to ADA specifications. Our company guarantees each signage purchase.