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ADA Entrance - Exit Braille Signs

Bring Your Property Into Compliance With ADA Entrance and Exit Signs

Any public building needs to comply with the regulations stipulated in the Americans with Disabilities Act or as it is better known, the ADA. One of these rules has to do with installing Compliant Entrance and Braille Exit Signage in the proper locations to help people with disabilities find their way easily through your building. Of course, there are other Handicap Compliant Signage needed to meet regulations, such as the International Symbol of Accessibility or the ISA (as its most commonly referred to as), which is mandated for other uses throughout your property for the same reason.

Read More Offers a Wide Assortment of ADA Braille Exit and Entrance Signage for Your Consideration

We provide a large selection of different styles of ADA Entrance and Exit Signs that include plain simple ones to denote ramp entrances, to the more complex ones to mark the exits for those who are visually impaired. In addition, we offer ISA signage and decals that you, as a property owner, also should install in the proper locations to further comply with the ADA regulations.

Information About Our Braille Exit and Entrance Signs

We provide a varied assortment of ADA-complaint entrance signage as well as braille exit models, which contain both text and braille messages. The ADA rules state that these signs must contain matte blue coloring, be made from acrylic material and have rounded corners. While the majority of the above signs are six inch by eight inches, we do have ones that measure six inch by two inches that contain both text and braille without pictograms. Also, you can order other sizes when necessary.

Let us not forget to mention that we also provide a ‘NOT AN EXIT’ ADA-compliant sign with grade-2 braille and tactile text to install at doors which are not for exiting. The text stands out well since it is white against a blue background. You can order Braille Exit or Entrance Signage in various sizes ranging from our small 5”x4” size to the larger 12”x12” size. The area that you are trying to bring into compliance will dictate which size of sign that you will require. While not every ADA sign includes braille, you should consider purchasing signs that do include it for the benefit of the visually impaired people who enter your property. Also, be certain that you understand the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations pertaining to the location and height requirements for mounting the ISA Displays in your building.

ISA Signage That Display The International Symbol of Accessibility

Our company also makes ISA signs that are six inches by six inches to further help you bring your property into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Along with these signs, you also can consider our tabletop versions that measure four by four inches or the model which contains both braille and text that is six inches by eight inches. Decals are another form of this signage, and they easily attach to the windows in appropriate locations to denote that your building is wheelchair accessible and complies with all ADA rules. If you ever need to change out these decals for new ones, you can remove the old ones easily without any issue with glue residue.

High Grade Manufacturing and Durable Signage That Lasts For Years

Here at, we use only high-quality workmanship and materials to manufacture our Entrance and Exit Signage according to all of the ADA specifications. These Made-in-America Compliant Braille signs are professionally manufactured. Our ADA Compliant signage meets the Americans with Disabilities Act sign regulations and will pass official building inspections. Remember that an added benefit of installing these signboards along with the ISA signs is the fact that you will gain the goodwill and/or loyalty of all who enter into your establishment. Also, you will avoid any legal issues regarding ISA displays. For more information browse through our website or contact us directly to learn further details about our Entrance and Exit Signs. We issue a guarantee of quality and/or compliance when necessary with all sign orders.