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ADA Entrance - Exit Braille Signs

Post ADA Entrance and Exit Braille Signs to Ensure That Your Property Is Compliant With ADA Regulations

All buildings that are open to the public must adhere to the mandatory rules in the Americans with Disability Act or the ADA. One regulation of this act deals with the specifications for displaying compliant Handicap Entrance and Exit Braille Signs in the appropriate spots in your building to help those with disabilities traverse through it easily and safely. Along with these signs, owners of these buildings must post other ADA signage to serve the same purpose as the above signs, such as the ones that contain the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA.

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Our Company Provides a Wide Selection of ADA Entrance and Exit Braille Signage Options offers a variety of styles in the ADA Entrance and Exit Braille Signs that range from ones that point out ramp entrances to the Tactile Exit Signage or Exit Sign with Grade 2 Braille options to guide the visually impaired to the exits. Also, we carry decals and signage that contain the International Symbol of Accessibility that you also need to display in the appropriate places throughout your property to be in full compliance with the Americans with Disability Act regulations.

Further Details About the ADA Entrance and Exit Braille Signage Models From Our Company

We offer a wide array of handicap entrance signs along with exit signs that include both Braille and text messages. The Americans with Disability Act regulations specify that these signage options must be constructed with acrylic material, and also must include rounded corners and matte blue coloring. The majority of our signs in this category measure 6 inches x 8 inches, but for smaller spaces, we do offer ones that are 6 inches x 2 inches with both Braille and text without the pictograms. In addition, you can custom order sizes that better suit your needs.

You also can purchase ADA-compliant “NOT AN EXIT” signs that contain tactile text and grade-2 Braille to display on doors that are not exits. Since the text is white, it is highly visible on its matte blue background. Our ADA entrance and exit Braille signage options range in size from 5 inches x 4 inches up to 12 inches x 12 inches. The size of signs that you require is dependent upon the area of your property that you need to bring into compliance. Even though all ISA signage options do not include Braille, you need to think about buying ones that do in order to help the visually impaired traverse your property easily and safely. On top of understanding the signs that are available, you should learn about the ADA regulations dictating the height and location requirements for displaying the ISA in your structure.

Signage Options With the International Symbol of Accessibility

Along with the above options, we make ISA signage options that measure 6 inches x 6 inches to assist you with your efforts in making your building comply with all the ADA rules. You also may want our tabletop models that are 4 inches x 4 inches or the one that measures 6 inches x 8 inches that contains both text and Braille. An additional form of this signage is the decals that you can attach to your windows in the proper locations to broadcast that your structure is accessible to wheelchairs and is compliant with all Handicap Guide regulations. Anytime you need to replace these decals, they remove easily without leaving any glue residue behind.

Our Company Uses Quality Techniques and Materials to Create Our Durable Signage Options

Here at our California facilities, we manufacture all our ISA Entrance and Exit Braille Signs, Tactile Exit Signage options and Exit Sign with Grade 2 Braille models with high-quality materials and workmanship and to the specifications set forth in the ADA to ensure that you will pass any necessary building inspections. Another benefit of displaying ADA signs and the ISA options is that you gain the loyalty of everyone who enters into your building and property. Your company also will avoid lawsuits and fines by complying with the ADA regulations.

Feel free to browse through our website to learn additional information about our ADA entrance and Braille exit signage offerings and our company. We guarantee that our resilient Handicap Guide signage will help you comply with any pertinent regulations at all times.