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ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs

Post ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs to Broadcast a Message in a Stylish Manner

The majority of people today understand that signs posted on property are there to broadcast a clear message to all who view them. With this being said, if you are a manager or owner of an upscale restaurant, hotel, retail store or other business, you probably hope that you can state your message on signs that live up to the luxurious appearance of your structure. When this is the case, turn to the ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs available from our company that will complement your decor while they display your important message. You can select from a wide assortment of stock ones, or you can order Custom ADA Signs according to your personal specifications.

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Brushed Aluminum Handicap Signs Are Both Stylish and Functional

We build our ADA and Braille brushed aluminum signs, and other metal handicap signs to be stylish while still being in compliance with ADA regulations. Brushed aluminum tactile signs are as functional as standard signage is while being more attractive and luxurious in appearance. For this reason, these signs will add to your decor instead of detract from it.

The official ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs and Custom ADA Signs from include the following features:

      • A 0.125-inch black acrylic backer that is long lasting and elegant looking
      • Black, 1/32-inch raised, tactile text in compliance with Grade 2 Braille for the brushed aluminum Braille signs
      • Durable foam adhesives that mount the signs securely

Since we will make brushed aluminum ADA signage according to the needs of our customers, you can create custom ADA signs with your business logo and unique message to advertise your brand throughout your building. We also offer a full line of standard ADA signs in brushed aluminum, including our tactile signs in brushed aluminum that you can bulk or individually order. On top of turning to these signs to come into compliance with ADA regulations, you may select them for your conference room, restroom, stairwell, parking lot and other signage.

All of Our ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs Complies with ADA Regulations

Yes, the law states that you must display certain ADA signage throughout your building to be in compliance with ADA regulations. The law does not say, however, that the signs must detract from the ambiance, style and attractiveness of the interior of your building. Our ADA and Braille Brushed Aluminum Signs and Custom ADA Signs from our company, are highly effective at broadcasting an important message while being stylish at the same time. In fact, they are a decorative addition to your building. Contact us at your earliest convenience to order your signs.