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ADA School Signs

Display Regulation ADA School Signs to Adhere to ADA Specifications

The year 1990 saw the enactment of the Americans With Disabilities Act or the ADA, which mandates that all organizations, businesses, medical facilities and educational facilities open to the public must display regulation ADA signs to comply with its rules and stipulations. ADA School Signs are examples of these types of sign displays, and they are for the purpose of bringing educational facilities into compliance. These signs also broadcast important information to the disabled students, staff members and visitors along with all the other people who enter these facilities each day.

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Understanding the Regulations of The Americans With Disabilities Act

The strict requirements for the ADA School Restroom Signage state how and where an educational facility must post these disabled signs. Signage of this nature help handicapped individuals navigate this type of facility efficiently just as non-disabled are able to daily. Due to the fact that educational buildings contain multiple rooms, such as classrooms, offices, supply closets, cafeterias and more, the ideal signs to post are the ones that include Tactile Lettering and Grade 2 Braille since they identify the room number or function of the room in such a way that even the visually impaired can read them. ADA School Restroom Signage also can include BOY and GIRL bathroom signs instead of the MEN and WOMEN ones that companies and organizations post in their buildings.

Most of the states in the USA require that educational facilities post two signs on bathrooms, one on the wall next to the handle side of the door and one on the door. Wall signage should always include Tactile Lettering and Grade 2 Braille. On the other hand, the door ones should contain only a message with pictograms, standard text or a combination of both because visually impaired people do not need to stand right in front of the doors to attempt to read the braille and tactile signs as they can become injured if someone opens the bathroom door. Here at, we provide not only the above ADA School Signs, but we also offer ADA parking and guide signage for educational facilities to ensure that the parking areas, entrances and exits are marked clearly for disabled individuals.

The Ways ADA School Signage Differs From the Other ADA Signage That We Offer

Our company manufactures all of the ADA Schools Signs that we sell, including the Tactile and Braille ones that comply with the restroom sign regulations set forth by The Americans with Disabilities Act for all public establishments. Children love to touch and feel all types of items in their school surroundings, regardless of their age. Due to this fact, we make our ADA School Restroom Signage for educational facilities from durable materials. Our restroom displays are easy to mount onto doors and walls securely with the addition of the foam mounting type which is included with the signage. All of our acrylic ADA products are compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for restroom signs in public buildings. In the event that these establishments desire an upscale model of this signage, they may order our brushed-aluminum versions that are just as durable as our stock acrylic models are, but they are a bit more eye-catching in appearance. Whatever style of our school signage that you choose for your educational facility, you can do so confidently since our signs stay mounted securely and last for years to provide you a significant return on your investment.