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ADA School Signs

Post ADA School Signs to Comply with ADA Regulations

Back in 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act or ADA was enacted, and it dictates that all businesses and organizations open for public access, including all types of schools must post special ADA signage to comply with the regulations that are stated in the act. ADA School Signs of this nature not only bring the school buildings into compliance, but also clearly broadcast pertinent information to the disabled staff, students and guests on top of all other individuals who are involved with the school daily.

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Guidelines for ADA accessibility, such as ADA Restroom Sign Requirements as to where and how a school must display these handicap signs are extremely strict. Signs such as these allow those with disabilities to interact in school in the same manner as those without disabilities. Since schools contain numerous offices, classrooms, cafeterias, supply rooms and other types of rooms, the best signs to display are the Braille or tactile signs that identify the function or room number of the room. ADA School Signs may include GIRLS and BOYS restroom signs unlike the MENS and WOMENS signs that businesses post.

The majority of the states in this country require that schools display two signs on restrooms, one for the door and the other one mounts on the wall on the handle side of the restroom door. Wall signs are the ones that should contain both Grade 2 Braille and tactile text. In the case of the signs on the door, these do not contain these elements just the intended message with regular text, imagery or both. The reasoning for this is easy to understand, as it is dangerous for visually impaired people to stand in front of the door to try to read the Braille or tactile signs with their fingers since a person may open the door from the other side at any time. Our company not only provides the above signs to comply with ADA Restroom Sign Requirements, but also ADA guide and parking signs for schools, as ensuring the entrances, exits and parking areas are clearly marked for people with disabilities is just as important.

How ADA School Signs Are Different From Our Other ADA Signs

We manufacture all our ADA School signs, including the ones that contain Braille and tactile text, and comply with ADA Restroom Sign Requirements according to the same specifications that we use with our other ADA signage for other public establishments. Typically, as you probably already know, children love to touch items in their surroundings, and this includes the signs throughout their school. For this reason, we manufacture our ADA signage for school display to be durable and to mount securely on the walls, doors and posts when necessary, per the standard ADA Restroom Sign Requirements. Unlike the silicone adhesive or foam tape that commercial establishments use to mount their signage, we will pre-drill holes in the ADA school signs that will match perfectly with our anti-tampering hardware. When schools require an upscale version of these signs, they can order brushed aluminum ones that are equally durable, but are more attractive. Whichever type of ADA School Signs the school selects to display, it can do so with confidence that the signs last throughout the years and stay securely mounted.