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California ADA Disabled and Handicapped Parking Signs

California’s ADA Regulations Differ From the Ones in Other States

Each state in the USA follows the regulations for displaying handicap parking signage that are set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA that was enacted in 1990. Sadly, all owners of public properties that contain parking lots do not comply by posting the proper ADA Parking Sign models to offer safe, clear access for people with disabilities. To encourage owners to post the right California Disabled Parking Signs and Van Accessible Parking Sign options, California allows its residents to file lawsuits against the owners who do not comply with the state’s and the ADA regulations on handicap signage.

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Back in 2008, California Revised the State’s Rules for the Handicap R99 Signage and R100B Tow Away Sign Options

California reassessed its R100B Tow Away Sign models and its R99 handicap parking signs and changed the design regulations for them in 2008 for the purpose of strengthening the laws. The alterations for both sign options helped improve the handicap accessibility to parking lots across the state. Even though the alterations are minute ones, the fines for non-compliance are expensive. When a property owner does not display the right California Handicap Parking Signage models, the fines can be as high as $4000.00. This increases the importance for owners of public venues to comply with all the state rules as well as the other ADA Parking Sign regulations.

What Are the Correct California Parking Signs?

It is easy to be confused about the complexity of the California regulations for posting handicap signs when you have no prior experience with them. We are here to help you gain a better understanding of these rules with our brief explanation. With the R99 and R99C signage options, it is important to know that these are among the most displayed signs of the California Handicap Parking Signage options. The International Symbol of Access or the ISA, or it is also known as the International Wheelchair Symbol is on these signs along with the message “Parking Only” under the symbol. On top of these elements, the R99C also includes the warning “Minimum Fine $250” to deter violators. To park in these spaces legally, drivers must display the official California handicap placard that is available at the DMV.

For further information about the regulations governing these signs, refer to the following codes:

Another common model of the California Disabled Parking Signs is the R7-8B that is a Van Accessible Parking Sign. It includes the words “Van Accessible” on it to alert those drivers who need additional space to unload a passenger in a wheelchair via a ramp or lift. Many times, this is used along with the R99C to create a single signage unit. Another sign model that we must mention is the R100B Tow Away Sign, which alerts drivers to the fact that their cars, vans or trucks will be towed if they park illegally in handicap spaces. These signs also contain where they can claim their vehicles if towing happens.

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