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California ADA Disabled and Handicapped Parking Signs

California’s Handicap Regulations for Parking Areas Are Different From Those of Other States

Every state in this country specifies guidelines for disabled and handicap parking signage in accordance with the rules established by the ADA or the Americans With Disabilities Act back in 1990. However, not all property owners bring their parking lots into compliance by posting the correct signage to provide clear, safe access for those with disabilities. To fight back against this failure to comply, the state has given its citizens that right to file lawsuits against the property owners who fail to display the correct California Disabled Parking Signs.

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California Changed Its Regulations for the Handicap R100B and R99 Signs in 2008

California redesigned its layout specifications for its R99 disabled parking signage along with the R100B signs that signifies the which zones are handicap tow-away ones back in 2008 in order to strengthen the state’s regulations. The changes in both of these signboards were for the purpose of increasing handicap accessibility in the state’s parking lots. While the changes are minor, the penalties for not complying with them can be expensive. If a property owner fails to post the correct California Handicap Disabled Parking Signs, he or she can wind up paying up to $4000 in fines. As a result, it is extremely important for business and other property owners in this state to comply with the ADA and state regulations when it comes to this signage.

What Type of California Disabled Parking Signage Is the Correct One?

It is a bit tricky to understand the complexity of the regulations for California disabled and handicap signage without prior experience. To help you understand these signs a bit better we provide you with a brief guide. First, it is important to know that both the R99 and R99C signs are among the most common disabled signage displayed in parking lots throughout the state. Both contain the International Symbol of Access or ISA, or as some know it, the International Wheelchair Symbol, with the words ‘Parking Only’ under it. The R99C, though, also contains a warning of ‘Minimum Fine $250’ to ward off violators. Also, vehicles using these designated spaces must display an official state handicap placard from the DMV. The CA codes that cover this information in full detail are the CVC 22511.9, the CVC 22511.8 and the CVC 22511.7.

The R7-8B sign is another common California disabled parking sign, and it contains the message of ‘Van Accessible’ on it. By posting this sign, property owners are designating spaces for those who need to use vans with lifts or ramps for their wheelchairs. Often, this is combined with the R99C sign into one single sign. One last sign that we would like to point out is the R100B model that warns drivers that vehicles that are illegally parked in handicap designated spaces will be towed away. Usually, the R100Bs also contain information about where to reclaim the vehicles when this towing occurs. uses the Best Materials in Manufacturing All of Our California Handicap Parking Sign Models

We manufacture a wide assortment of CA Disabled Signage in accordance with the state’s ADA requirements. On top of this, we only use corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge, durable aluminum, and reflective sheeting and fade-proof inks by 3M in these disabled parking signs. All of these materials enable our signs to endure for at least seven years without any fading. We are committed to producing for you the highest quality signage at affordable prices guaranteed to make a great first impression. You can request that we add 3M’s Protective Overly Film to your signs, and this will increase your signs’ lifespan beyond the seven years since it helps the Latex Vinyl and Reflective Material stand up to vandalism and weathering effectively. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.

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