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The Rise of Gender Neutral Restrooms

Over the past few years attitudes and understanding of gender identity and preference have evolved with America's growing culture. In fact, many cities throughout California have enacted legislation aimed at implementing gender neutral restrooms . Many of these new laws, such as AB 1372, require that all single-occupancy restrooms carry gender neutral restroom signs that signify that these restrooms are universally accessible. Although some commercial-business owners believe that standard unisex restrooms are sufficient, others strive to  broadcast the specific message that their bathrooms are gender neutral even when local laws do not require it. The truth is that gender-neutral restrooms are becoming common not only in commercial and public buildings, but also in many college campuses in the United States and Canada

ADA Compliant Gender Neutral Restroom Sign

Our Offerings for Gender Neutral Restroom Signs

Each of our signs in this category are completely compliant with ADA regulations. We offer a wide assortment of restroom signage including one wall sign that contains a pictogram of both a man and woman standing next to each other; this sign states that the bathroom is for all people regardless of gender identity or expression. Another one of our wall signs contains a pictogram of a man, woman and mix of both standing next to each other. The caption on this one is "GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOM". Furthermore, we offer a wall sign with a gender-neutral symbol with a message that the restroom is for use by all regardless of their gender identity or expression. The above signs contain 1/32-inch raised text and pictograms along with Grade-2 Braille. Our products also include eased corners and an high-quality matte-finished acrylic. Our customers can also custom order the signs for their buildings that include their brand or unique design and message as well.