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Symbol Signs

Communicate Clearly in Any Language with Symbol & Icon Signs

Property managers of international destinations or places of interest, such as hotels, airports, train stations, restaurants and more can add great value to their location by installing internationally recognized symbol signs. These icon signs are also commonly found at popular tourist destinations, such as zoos, museums, national monuments and more. Created so that non-English speaking patrons and guests can recognize and understand them, a sign symbol can clearly convey a message using primarily pictorials and images.

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Widely Used and Recognized Symbol Signs Include the Following:

  • A pictorial of a person sitting in a wheelchair to indicate handicap accessibility
  • An image of a suitcase to indicate baggage claim area
  • An image of a bus to show bus stop or transportation area
  • A dollar sign in a circle to show cashier or currency exchange center
  • A question mark in a circle to show information booth
  • A check mark or right sign symbol
  • A exclamation point in a yellow triangle or warning sign symbol to show potential danger or hazard

Directional Sign Symbols Are Also Available

More than these popular sign symbols, offers picture-only signs that don’t contain words or text even in their everyday use, including directional signs (arrows), elevator signs, escalator signs and exit / entrance signs as well a don’t enter and don’t exit signs. No matter what part of the world you are in, these common, easy to recognize symbols generally don’t need further explanation with words or text.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed these universally a coherent set of standard graphical symbols to enhance universal communication the world over. This way, effective communication can take place regardless of language spoken, literacy rates, and cultural differences.

Get a Symbol Sign of Your Own Design

Most of these symbol signs (excluding the hazard or warning sign symbols) have a blue background with white pictorials or graphics to indicate the sign is for non-emergency, informational purposes. offers more than 50 different, ready-made symbol signs for property managers to easily order and install. Yet customized signs can also be ordered for those who wish to upload and submit their own graphics and pictorials. As they are made to order, such customized signs take a little longer to manufacture and may cost slightly more.