Snap-Lok, Worm Clamp Sign Mounting Kit for Large Poles

Do you manage your local block’s neighborhood watch program? If so, you know the importance of ordering appropriate neighborhood watch signs with the right messaging. They can help keep neighbors alert as well as deter thieves, robbers and other would-be criminals. But what good are such signs if you are unable to post them due to ill-fitting clamps or faulty hardware?

Don’t let such sign-posting snafus take away from the impact of your important neighborhood watch program. sells Snap-Lok, Worm Clamp Sign Mounting Kit as well as the actual signs themselves. Such sign mounting kits are difficult to find at local hardware stores.

Snap-Lok, Worm Clamp Sign Mounting Kit for Large Poles (sold in pairs)

With this sign mounting kit, you can snuggly affix your neighborhood watch signs or other signs to large diameter poles and light standards. One kit includes all the mounting materials you need to support one sign. Each Snap-Lok Sign Mounting Kit includes:

    • 2 adjustable straps to secure the top and bottom of the sign (most signs come with 2 predrilled holes). Straps are 9/16” wide and 40” in length.
    • 2 worm clamps (already fitted to the straps) that can be adjusted for length and then easily clamped to hold the sign in place.
    • 2 stainless steel flared leg brackets and mounting hardware that are used to affix the sign itself.

A screwdriver or wrench is required for installation. A hex head bit and drill is recommended.

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