Advances in MUTCD Signs Can Improve Roadway Safety

Save driving and roadway safety is one of those things most people think about when it’s too late. It is only after an accident has occurred that motorists may argue that a more visible speed limit sign should be posted. As is human nature, most people don’t give proper credit to the road safety signs they see and make use of every day. It is only after the mishap has occurred that motorists will contest that road signs are not clear enough to see.

Road Safety Signs Are Ineffective If You Can’t See Them

So whether you are driving on a fast-moving highway, curvy rural roads, or busy city streets with distractions coming at you from all angles, our advanced road safety signs with retro-reflective materials can help improve your ability to arrive to your destination safely. After all, signs you can’t see or read are not useful. Seeing and comprehending general highway signs can be a problem at all times but nighttime driving, driving through a rain or snow storm, or driving during some other type of weather condition such as thick fog or a dust storm can prove particularly problematic.35 mph speed limit sign

Technological advances in road signs can improve overall roadway safety. By adding retro-reflective sheeting materials to traffic signs, sign visibility is greatly improved so drivers are more likely to see and therefore mind the sign. Most MUTCD signs on the road today include this retro-reflective material that is manufactured by 3M and then added to the signs.

How Does Retro-reflection on Road Signs Work Anyways?

Retro-reflection works by reflecting back the light from any given surface area to the original light source. As such, the headlights from your vehicle typically serve as this original light source. The light from your head beams reflects off the road signs back to you catching your attention and providing you with greater visibility. Did you ever wonder why most road safety signs such as “Slow Down, Curve Ahead,” are placed on the left-hand side of the road? This is because this has been proven to have the greatest luminosity.

Advanced retro-reflective road signs can help improve the chances that you and those around you get home safely tonight.