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Brushed Aluminum Handicap Signs, Including Brushed Aluminum Braille Signs, Now Available to the General Public on

These Brushed Aluminum Tactile Signs Were Formerly Available Only by Special Order to Designated Sign Shops, a family-owned California manufacturing company and producers of MUTCD-compliant parking signs and more, is now selling factory-direct its brushed aluminum ADA signs to individuals, businesses and government-sector consumers directly from its newly launched eCommerce website.

While all traffic signs manufactured and sold by meet the highest standards, these brushed aluminum ADA signs, including brushed aluminum ADA bathroom signs, have acrylic or laminate backers with stylish aluminum grading that make the signs more attractive to viewers. Sometimes, posted signs, while helpful to building guests, can detract from the intended design setting and décor of a luxury property. With brushed aluminum handicap signs, they are both purposeful and stately blending nicely with the decorative tone and styling’s of the building they are in. The raised lettering and tactile braille enable better ease of use for the blind and visually impaired guests.

“Customers want practical, operational traffic signs, but they also want ones that are aesthetically pleasing,” says David Moore, President of “With brushed aluminum ADA signs, luxury property managers and building owners of high profile structures can add an element of distinction and sophistication to their signs while keeping them highly functional and visible.”

In addition, will work with property managers and other customers to create custom brushed aluminum ADA signs to best fit the unique needs of a client’s organization and company culture. Though it has been making custom ADA brushed aluminum signs for years, clients are now able to order these signs exclusively on the website where in the past, these needed to be special ordered. Such highly polished, custom signs are then shipped directly to clients from the manufacturing facility in 5-7 days.

About: is a leading made in the U.S. manufacturer of superior-quality, MUTCD-compliant signs, including state-of-the-art brushed aluminum ADA signs and more. Regardless of what type of sign customers need, all of its signs are made of full-bodied, strong aluminum materials that are made to last seven to twelve years outdoors without fading or warping.