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Portable Posts and Sign Stands

If you are an events coordinator for businesses, schools, churches or any other organizations, portable sign stands make for an easy, effective way to manage both vehicle traffic and pedestrian movement. sells various portable sign stands at affordable prices so your organization does not have to spend a lot to get a quality, professional sign and related accessories such as a movable metal sign post.

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Better Control Traffic with Event Portable Sign Posts

Portable traffic signs are available in both heavy and more lightweight bases (with the heaviest models weighing up to 70 pounds). These portable sign stands can be posted to high traffic areas to help guide traffic when people are entering and exiting events. It isn’t always feasible to have a designated person wearing proper safety gear standing in the road to direct traffic. For school, church, or other nonprofit events, having a portable sign stand that can be put in place in advance and then removed when the event is over, may be just as effective.

Trust These Durable, Portable Sign Stands

Both 20-pound and 40-pound models of movable sign posts are made of cast-iron base and hardware equipment so it will last year after year with repeated use. They are sturdy enough not to fall over during typical wind or weather elements so you can trust their quality and positioning. The 70-pound rubber sign base is extremely durable and is sometimes used as a more permanent parking lot stop sign, for instance.

Freestanding Sign Holders Can Be Customized to Your Event

In addition to these portable traffic signs, generally in the form of stop signs, slow signs or arrow directives, sells freestanding sign holders to help people find where they need to go during a busy event. Job fairs, arts & crafts festivals, sporting events or after school recitals might be a great place to use these signs. Professional looking and easy to customize, people can appreciate clear signage and not having to walk around in circles wondering where to go.