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Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Parking Signs

Charging Station and Electric Vehicle Signage

The demand for electric or hybrid charging stations and parking spaces has increased dramatically over recent years throughout this country. Statistics show that the number of these stations has increased to approximately 8,000 with half of them being built in just the last six years. In spite of this fact, all of the other manufacturing companies still do not offer quality EV or charging station displays. Luckily, StopSignsandMore does offer a wide assortment of these EV Charging Station Displays for all of our clients to make their selection from according to their needs and preferences, and they can customize their signs when necessary. Many types of establishments require our signage to be displayed and those locations can range from shopping malls to educational facilities, or any other various parking lot areas. We fulfill all orders as quickly as possible and only use the highest quality in materials to produce our products.

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Examples of Our Low-Emission and Electric Vehicle or EV Signage

We design and manufacture durable, high-quality signs for electric or low-emission vehicle parking spaces. On top of this, we offer signage that denotes the charging stations for the electric or hybrid vehicles. Our company includes the type of charging station and the level of charging on these signboards to make them suitable, regardless of their proximity to schools, businesses and retail establishments. An example of this information is the EV displays denoting a level-one charging station that provides the slowest charge and takes up to six hours to accomplish a full charge. Another example is signboards that denote a level-three station that offers a fast charge in approximately 20 minutes.

At present, the hybrid electric cars are the most used of the ‘low-emission’ vehicles since they run using both gas engines and electric batteries concurrently. However, there are other types of the ‘low-emission’ cars that use either alternative fuels or are totally electric. Some clients prefer the message that states ‘Reserved for Hybrid and Low Emission Vehicles’ to point drivers of these vehicles to the appropriate parking spaces. If you do not wish to reserve a space for just one category of automobile, you may choose to display EV signage that simply say ‘Preferred Parking for Hybrid Vehicles’ since these displays do not prohibit the use of the space by other types of vehicles when necessary. On top of all of this, we offer other types of EV and charging station signage for your consideration.

We Offer Customized Ordering For Your Specific Needs

When you prefer to personalize your electric vehicle signage with your organization’s name, logo or other details, turn to our custom ordering to receive your signboards that meet your specifications. We will include your preferences and ideas into your signage in order to ensure that your message for charging station or electric vehicle parking will suit your exact requirements. Also, our company does not require a minimum quantity amount for this type of ordering, so you can order small or large quantities of our electric automobile or charging station displays for your specific purposes.

Our Company Manufactures and Sells Durable, High-Quality Electric Vehicle and Charging Station Signage

To ensure that our charging station and electric vehicle signage is of the highest quality, we use the same standards to manufacture our products with rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum and reflective sheeting from 3M. The surface of the sheet aluminum is cleaned, deoxidized, and coated with a light and tightly adherent chromate conversion coating, free of powdery residue. We use 5052-H38 sheet aluminum in .063 or .080 gauges pre-treated in accordance to ASTM Designation: B449. As a result, our products endure all types of weather conditions and hazardous conditions for up to seven years without falling apart or fading. To increase the lifespan of your signboard, you can request that we add the 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF). With this film, you can DOUBLE the lifespan of your signs up to 14 years. Our 3M protective overlay film protects the display faces against fading caused by the sun and other harsh weather conditions. The Protective Overlay Film (POF) also helps you to remove graffiti, paint or other markings of vandalism easier without the necessity of abrasive cleaners or devices. Another benefit to purchasing our charging station and electric vehicle signage is the fact that all of our Aluminum displays come ready for mounting, with pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom for easy installation.

STOPSignsAndMore fully understands the importance of posting a durable Electric Vehicle and Charging Station sign. We are committed to producing for you the highest quality products at affordable prices guaranteed to make a great first impression. Browse through our selection below to discover the ones that will best suit your location. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.