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Camera-Video Security Signs

CCTV or Video Surveillance Signs

Prevent Theft, Vandalism and Loitering By Displaying Video Surveillance Signs

If you strive to improve the security and safety of your building and property in an affordable manner, consider the fact that you can install CCTV warning or video surveillance signs for as little as $15. These signs may read 'UNDER CCTV SURVEILLANCE 24 HOURS' or '24 HOUR Video Camera Surveillance'.

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Camera Warning Signs Can Scare Off Criminals

Even though video or camera surveillance signs are relatively inexpensive, these signs help to safeguard your property and building against vandalism, theft, loitering and other unscrupulous activities. Criminals and other unsavory people do not want their actions caught on camera and will most likely leave properties that have CCTV warning signs on display. Instead, they will target properties that contain little or no security. They understand that the best eyewitness to an unlawful act is video footage, and that it is admissible in court.

Avoid Unscrupulous Activity By Displaying CCTV or Video Security Signs

Those who wish to do damage to other people's property will seek out easy targets to hit where they have a higher chance of getting away with their illegal acts. The majority of criminals will turn to low-risk properties since their actions will likely go unnoticed. Properties where CCTV signage is on display are high risk to burglars, vandals and loiterers because the cameras are difficult to avoid.

Surveillance Signs From Are Graffiti Resistant

Our company manufactures rust-resistant, high-quality CCTV and video surveillance signs for personal and business security purposes. We offer stock and customizable options in order to fulfil your needs in a precise manner. In addition, our company offers these signs in Spanish, English and bilingual designs.

We construct our video surveillance signs with only heavy-duty, professional-grade aluminum that stands up to daily use for at least seven years. On top of this, all of our surveillance signs and CCTV warning signs contain 3M fade-proof inks and engineer-grade reflective sheeting that makes the signs visible even in inclement weather and at night. To extend the life of your signs to up to 14 years, you also can request that we add the Protective Overlay Film or POF by 3M. Please, browse through our selection of signs at your convenience to learn all that we can offer you to protect your building and property.